Street, Sidewalk Construction Contracts OK’d; Work Begins Mid-July

Photo: Highland Road is one of the roads to be repaired

At its Monday, June 27 meeting, the Belmont Select Board approved the fiscal year 2023 Pavement Management Plan, the annual capital expenditure to conduct major roadway reconstruction and repair.

The contract, which was rewarded to Newport Construction with a low bid of $2,467,070 on the job estimated by the town at $2.6 million, comes in two parts: the first is $39,851 for sewer repairs before the road work starts and $2,127,219 on road construction. In addition, the contract calls for vertical curbing on Sycamore Street as well as creating two raised tables on School Street as enhanced safety measures.

Roadwork will begin in July, according to the contract.

The ten roads which will see work beginning this summer are:

  • Amelia Street between Orchard and Benjamin,
  • Hillcrest Road between Goden and Common,
  • Cedar Road between Goden and Common,
  • Beckett Road between Concord and Watson,
  • Clairemont Road between Prospect and Rutledge,
  • Fairmont Street between Goden and Common,
  • Highland Road between Fairmont and Cedar,
  • Van Ness Road between Belmont and Stults,
  • Gorham Road between Palfrey and Hammond, and
  • 800 feet of Marsh Street west of Evergreen to the Park Avenue Circle.

“You selected a set of streets that are a wonderful examples of the best of the worst,” said Board member Roy Epstein.

Along with the annual street repairs, the town awarded a contract to low bidder Sacca N and Sons Construction for $339,680 to repair and construct cement and concrete sidewalks and granite curbing through town.

Four Roadways Added To Pavement Repair Program With Granite Curbing For Goden

Photo: Four streets were added to the Pavement Management Program in Belmont

Four roads will undergo pavement construction this fall as the Select Board signed contracts for approximately $968,000 on Monday, July 19.

The low bid, which came in under the engineer’s estimate of $1.070 million, was awarded to R.M. Pacella of Plainville which is currently working on the pavement contract for fiscal year 2020. The bid was broken up into two parts: $732,100 for the roads and $235,600 in related sewer repairs.

While the usual number of streets in the annual program is around 13, the lower number of roads on this year’s list is due to the town’s transfer the funding of the previous fiscal year’s program into general funds due to lost town revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Glen Clancy, Belmont’s director of community development and town engineer. This year’s program is funded by using $595,731 the town received in state Chapter 90 money and “cobbling” in funds left over from previous years appropriations.

The four streets selected are:

  • Blanchaud Road between Carleton Road and Washington Street
  • Louise Road between Concord Avenue and Becket Street
  • Pequossette Road between Oakley and Payson streets
  • Scott Road between Pleasant Street and Radcliffe Road

Clancy said reconstruction and paving will begin soon on the roadways with a possible completion before the construction season ends in late November.

In addition to the street repair and paving, vertical granite curbing will be installed on Goden Street from Concord Avenue to School Street. Calling the installation “a minor gesture,” Clancy said it’s still “fairly important” as the new curbing will deter drivers attempting to make U-turns on the street which requires vehicles to turn onto homeowner’s properties.

Lucky Dozen: Streets Named To Undergo Pavement Repair In Fiscal Year

Photo: Pavement contract approved by Select Board.

It was a few months later than when it’s typically announced but the Select Board finally approved at its Monday marathon meeting of Aug. 10 the fiscal year 2020 pavement management project, the annual list of streets, roads and thoroughfares that will undergo repairs and reconstruction.

RM Pacella located in Plainville was the low bidder on the project, according to Glenn Clancy, town engineer and director of the Office of Community Development. The winning bid on the job estimated at $2,258,955 – $1.8 million in road work and $377,000 for sidewalk repair – came in at $1,861,198, so “we did very well compared to the engineer’s estimate,” said Clancy.

The work includes sidewalk repairs on Williston, Alma, Ridge, Harriet Creeley, Benton and Townsend and curbing on Harriet, Alma, and a small portion of Williston.

Clancy said will the contractor is ready to begin the project, with a dozen streets in the contract – slightly more than a typical year’s allotment – “we won’t finish the work this year so it’ll spill into the next year.”

RoadsFrom To
Williston RoadTrapeloHorne
Alma AvenueBartlettBelmont
Ridge RoadBelmontWhite
Juniper RoadSomersetFletcher
Harriet AvenueBartlettBelmont
Creeley Road SladeHammond
Indian Hill RoadOld MiddlesexBenton
Essex RoadBenton Old Middlesex
Preble Gardens RoadOld MiddlesexOakley
Old Middlesex RoadOakleyBenton
Benton RoadPaysonOakley
Townsend RoadPayson (south)Payson (North)

Road Work Week: Belmont Side Streets Under Repair

Photo: Paving starts this week.

The first of the streets on the 2019 Pavement Management “hit” list are about to go under the shovel beginning this week.

Starting Tuesday, July 16, and continuing to Friday, July 19 – if the weather holds out – the Town of Belmont’s General Contractor, EH Perkins, will begin asphalt paving on the following streets:

  • Channing Road from Farm Road to Sherman Street
  • Flanders Road
  • Hastings Road
  • Homer Road 
  • Livermore Road
  • Sandrick Road
  • Winn Street from Cross Street to Pleasant Street

They will also pave Brighton Street from the railroad crossing to the Cambridge line

The streets will be closed to traffic for several hours, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., while the pavement cures. Residents and Commuters are advised to seek alternate routes. No on street parking will be available during work hours. 

Vehicular access to driveways will not be available during work hours. On-street overnight parking on side streets will be available for residents affected by the construction.

For any questions or concerns about the project, contact Arthur O’Brien, resident engineer in the Office of Community Development, at 617-993-2665.

Lucky 13: Town Names Streets To Be Resurfaced in 2016

Photo: Palfrey Road.

It’s appropriate that Palfrey Road is adjacent to the large United Methodist Church in Cushing Square. Many drivers seek the solace of prayer before navigating the roadway’s deep potholes and numerous ruts that have destroyed their fair share of residents’ vehicles suspensions, alignments and tires over the past decades.

Now those prayers have been answered as the town’s director of Community Development Glenn Clancy announced at Monday’s Belmont Board of Selectmen meeting on Nov. 2, that the entire 1,705 feet of Palfrey along with a dozen other streets will be reconstructed next year as part of the town’s 2016 Pavement Management Plan. 

“Here’s some good news,” Clancy told the board announcing an agreement with the town’s long-time pavement management consultant Vannasse Hangen Brustlin for $106,400 to perform pavement design and contract development for the streets being repaired. 

The roadways in the 2016 Pavement Management Plan are:

  • Clifton Street from Beatrice Circle to Prospect Street
  • Barlett Avenue from White Street to Harriet Avenue
  • Winslow Road from Hammond Road to Palfrey Road
  • Palfrey Road from Gilbert Road to Common Street
  • Payson Terrace from Payson Road (east) to Payson Road (west)
  • Glendale Road from Common to Orchard streets
  • Cushing Avenue from Pine Street to Payson Road
  • Sharpe Road from School to Washington streets
  • Marion Road from Belmont to Grove streets
  • Albert Avenue from Tobey Road to both Lake and Brighton streets
  • Simmons Avenue from Scott Road to Brighton Street
  • Middlecot Street from north of Cowdin Street to both Claflin and Cross streets
  • Sherman Street from Brighton to Dean streets.

Concord Avenue Paving Commences Thursday, Oct. 1 at 6 AM

Photo: Road work on Concord Avenue.

Final preparations and paving of Concord Avenue from the intersection of Cottage Street to the US Postal Service office will begin Thursday, Oct. 1, at 6 a.m., according to Belmont town officials.

The contractor believes it will take a single day to complete the paving.

Also, Cottage Street from Concord Avenue to School Street will also be paved by contractor E.H. Perkins Construction.

Concord Avenue will be open for traffic during the prep work and paving. All vehicles will travel on either side of the roadway during the working hours as delineated by traffic cones. 

Cottage Street may be briefly unavailable to homeowners when the asphalt is being laid.

On-street parking on both sides of Concord Avenue will not be allowed from Goden Street to the intersection of Common Street.

The work on Concord Avenue is part of the $2 million 2015 Pavement Managment program. 

Residents with questions or concerns about the project can contact Robert Bosselman, the engineer in the Office of Community Development, at 617-993-2650.

Concord Under Construction For Next Five Days

Photo: The road work begins on Concord Avenue. 

The main thoroughfare from Cambridge and Belmont High School to Belmont Center and points west will be reduced to a single lane as the roadway undergoes much-needed repair and repaving, according to the town’s Office of Community Development.

Concord Avenue from the commuter rail bridge to Cottage Street (where the Underwood Pool is located) will become home to pavers and asphalt spreaders for the next five days – if the weather cooperates – as the roadway (known for its potholes and divots) is restored as part of the 2015 Pavement Management project.

Concord Avenue is one of 15 streets that are being repaired after the Belmont Board of Selectmen accepted a $1.99 million bid from E.H. Perkins Construction last month, according to OCD Director Glenn Clancy. 

Complete List of Streets on 2015 Repaving Calendar

Photo: Elm Street, one of the 17 roads that will be repaired this year.

Seventeen streets and road made the 2015 Pavement Management list after the Belmont Board of Selectmen accepted a $1.99 million bid from E.H. Perkins Construction last week. Due to the low bid, about $400,000 lower than the estimated price tag, allowed four additional streets (in bold) to be added to the list, 

The roadways that will soon have a new layer of pavement include: 

  • Charles Street (from Slade to Orchard)
  • Edward Street (from Orchard to Waverley)
  • Holt Street (from Lexington to 25 feet east of Knowles)
  • Orchard Street (from Common to Beech)
  • Richmond Road (from Prospect to Lawrence)
  • Somerset Street (from Pleasant to Shady Brook)
  • Warwick Road (from Common to Carleton)
  • Wellington Lane (from Concord to Somerset)
  • Winthrop Road (from Common to Charles)
  • Garden Street (from Washington to Long)
  • Concord Avenue (eastbound from Common to Cottage, and westbound from Cottage to Common)
  • Hastings Road (from Common to Brettwood)
  • Elm Street (from School to Payson)
  • Cottage Street (School to Concord)
  • Emerson Street (Concord to Louise)
  • Bradley Road (Gordon to Pearson)
  • Shean Road (Waverley to Gordon)