Road Construction On Payson Road, Three Other Streets Begins June 3

Photo: Belmont roads will be reconstructed beginning Wednesday Beginning Wednesday, June 3, the Town of Belmont’s general contractor, E.H. Perkins, will commence road reconstruction on: Payson Road from Oakley Road to Belmont Street, Lawndale Street Newton Street Carleton Road Residents can expect heavy construction activity for several weeks during the construction hours from 7 a.m. to […]

A Labor Lockout Could Keep Belmont Streets Unpaved ‘Til Spring

Photo: Common Street. The money is in the bank, the contractors are ready to go and long-suffering residents are waiting with bated breath. But for homeowners along four Belmont roadways, a labor dispute between workers and an international utility firm is threatening to delay the reconstruction and repaving their streets until this coming Spring. The […]

On the Rebuilt Street That You Live: Town’s Roads Repair List for 2016

Photo: Palfrey Street. Palfrey Road is one of the worst conditioned streets in Belmont. Due to the steady amount of traffic – many vehicles use the roadway as a convenient detour onto Trapelo Road bypassing the Cushing Square lights – and the unlevel pitch of the road, the thoroughfare’s road surface running between Common Street and […]

Is Your Street Going to be Paved this Year? Here is the List of the Lucky 13

Photo: Concord Avenue. The Belmont Board of Selectmen made residents along 13 streets very happy by approving a $107,800 contract to town’s pavement management consultant which lists those roadways to be reconstructed during the 2015 construction season. According to town engineer and Community Development Director Glenn Clancy, the roads include: Charles Street (from Slade to Orchard) Edward Street […]