Lucky 13: Town Names Streets To Be Resurfaced in 2016

Photo: Palfrey Road.

It’s appropriate that Palfrey Road is adjacent to the large United Methodist Church in Cushing Square. Many drivers seek the solace of prayer before navigating the roadway’s deep potholes and numerous ruts that have destroyed their fair share of residents’ vehicles suspensions, alignments and tires over the past decades.

Now those prayers have been answered as the town’s director of Community Development Glenn Clancy announced at Monday’s Belmont Board of Selectmen meeting on Nov. 2, that the entire 1,705 feet of Palfrey along with a dozen other streets will be reconstructed next year as part of the town’s 2016 Pavement Management Plan. 

“Here’s some good news,” Clancy told the board announcing an agreement with the town’s long-time pavement management consultant Vannasse Hangen Brustlin for $106,400 to perform pavement design and contract development for the streets being repaired. 

The roadways in the 2016 Pavement Management Plan are:

  • Clifton Street from Beatrice Circle to Prospect Street
  • Barlett Avenue from White Street to Harriet Avenue
  • Winslow Road from Hammond Road to Palfrey Road
  • Palfrey Road from Gilbert Road to Common Street
  • Payson Terrace from Payson Road (east) to Payson Road (west)
  • Glendale Road from Common to Orchard streets
  • Cushing Avenue from Pine Street to Payson Road
  • Sharpe Road from School to Washington streets
  • Marion Road from Belmont to Grove streets
  • Albert Avenue from Tobey Road to both Lake and Brighton streets
  • Simmons Avenue from Scott Road to Brighton Street
  • Middlecot Street from north of Cowdin Street to both Claflin and Cross streets
  • Sherman Street from Brighton to Dean streets.
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  1. Jenny Marusiak says

    I’m curious to know if replacing aging natural gas pipes is done at the same time. I gather Belmont has 90 known natural gas leaks, causing us all higher rates and health risks. (Self-reported by gas companies.) It’s so much cheaper fixing these when road work is already being done.

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