Town Clerk: The FYI on the Annual Town Election

Photo: Election day in Belmont. The annual Belmont Town Election will take place in one week, Tuesday, April 7, 2015, according to Town Clerk Ellen Cushman. And below is information that will make the process of casting your ballot all the easier. Voting Places For voting purposes, Belmont is divided into eight voting precincts, located […]

Opinion: Belmont’s ‘No’ Nothings; The Override Offers Voters a Choice: Financial Planning, or Finger Pointing?

Photo: Torn textbook. By Paul Roberts   We didn’t need Warrant Committee member Adam Dash to hold up a student’s tattered, 20 year old text book, as he did at last week’s Candidate’s Night debate, to grasp the depths to which our Town of Homes has fallen. Nor did we need him to heft the […]

Selectmen Approve Earlier Morning Start for Trapelo/Belmont Project

Photo: Reconstruction roadwork in Cushing Square. Faced with the possibility of a delay in the completion of the massive – and intrusive – road project running through the heart of the town, the Belmont Board of Selectmen approved a request by the contractor of the Trapelo Road/Belmont Street Corridor Reconstruction Project to begin its workday an hour-and-a-half earlier at 5:30 […]

Is Your Street Going to be Paved this Year? Here is the List of the Lucky 13

Photo: Concord Avenue. The Belmont Board of Selectmen made residents along 13 streets very happy by approving a $107,800 contract to town’s pavement management consultant which lists those roadways to be reconstructed during the 2015 construction season. According to town engineer and Community Development Director Glenn Clancy, the roads include: Charles Street (from Slade to Orchard) Edward Street […]

‘Yes’, ‘No’ Sides Push Their Positions – Financial and Political – at Candidates’ Night

Photo: Adam Dash (left) and Raffi Manjikian at the Candidates’ Night. It’s alway smart to have a prop on hand to make your point. To demonstrate the necessity of the $4.5 million override to be decided by Belmont voters at Town Election on April 7, Yes for Belmont’s Adam Dash brought a threadbare textbook without its […]

Belmont Honored As a ‘Best Community for Music Education’ in US

Photo: Performers at the “Bandarama” concert in December 2014. Belmont is known as the “Town of Homes.” It should also be called a community of music. For what has been an annual event for the past decade, Belmont has been named one of the “Best Communities for Music Education” in the US by the NAMM Foundation. Communities are […]

Belmont Savings Running Commercials Highlighting Customer Service

Photo: Jamie, an employee at Belmont Savings Bank who is part of a commercial campaign by the bank. If the people in the commercials being aired during televised Boston Red Sox games looks familiar, they probably are. And you likely saw them working for Belmont’s own savings bank. That because Belmont Savings Bank launched last week an employee-driven […]

Letter to the Editor: The Steak and Potatoes of Voting ‘Yes’ for the Override

Photo: Young “Yes” campaigners in Cushing Square on Saturday, March 28. To the editor: To the “distinguished” gentleman in the Lexus who gave me a thumbs down this morning [Saturday, March 28] when I was holding a YES for Belmont sign in Cushing Square: Congratulations on your success.  I’m sure you worked hard for it.  As my […]

This Week: Final Precinct Meeting, Two Great Concerts, Recycling Q&A, Rugby Mega Match

On the government side of “This Week”: The Board of Selectmen is meeting a little earlier than normal, convening at 5:45 p.m. on Monday, March 30 at the Beech Street Center prior to the final precinct meeting of the spring. It will be accepting the latest statement of interest to the Massachusetts School Building Authority to […]