Complete List of Streets on 2015 Repaving Calendar

Photo: Elm Street, one of the 17 roads that will be repaired this year.

Seventeen streets and road made the 2015 Pavement Management list after the Belmont Board of Selectmen accepted a $1.99 million bid from E.H. Perkins Construction last week. Due to the low bid, about $400,000 lower than the estimated price tag, allowed four additional streets (in bold) to be added to the list, 

The roadways that will soon have a new layer of pavement include: 

  • Charles Street (from Slade to Orchard)
  • Edward Street (from Orchard to Waverley)
  • Holt Street (from Lexington to 25 feet east of Knowles)
  • Orchard Street (from Common to Beech)
  • Richmond Road (from Prospect to Lawrence)
  • Somerset Street (from Pleasant to Shady Brook)
  • Warwick Road (from Common to Carleton)
  • Wellington Lane (from Concord to Somerset)
  • Winthrop Road (from Common to Charles)
  • Garden Street (from Washington to Long)
  • Concord Avenue (eastbound from Common to Cottage, and westbound from Cottage to Common)
  • Hastings Road (from Common to Brettwood)
  • Elm Street (from School to Payson)
  • Cottage Street (School to Concord)
  • Emerson Street (Concord to Louise)
  • Bradley Road (Gordon to Pearson)
  • Shean Road (Waverley to Gordon)
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