Road Construction On Payson Road, Three Other Streets Begins June 3

Photo: Belmont roads will be reconstructed beginning Wednesday

Beginning Wednesday, June 3, the Town of Belmont’s general contractor, E.H. Perkins, will commence road reconstruction on:

  • Payson Road from Oakley Road to Belmont Street,
  • Lawndale Street
  • Newton Street
  • Carleton Road

Residents can expect heavy construction activity for several weeks during the construction hours from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Payson Road will be closed to through traffic during construction hours, and commuters are advised to seek alternate routes.

For any questions or concerns about the project, contact Arthur O’Brien, resident engineer in the Office of Community Development, at 617-993-2665.

Marsh Street Mess: Road Reconstruction To Last Several Weeks

Photo: Marsh Street in the fall.

Beginning last Friday, Oct. 12, Belmont’s General contractor, E.H. Perkins has begun road construction on Marsh Street specifically at 178 Marsh St. This work will include, saw-cutting, grading and paving the roadway.

Road closures and delays are expected during construction hours between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Work is expected to continue for several weeks.

Residents and Commuters are advised to seek alternate routes. “We apologize for any inconveniences this construction work might cause,” said Arthur O’Brien, resident engineer in the Office of Community Development.

For any questions or concerns about the project, residents can contact O’Brien at 617-993-2665

Are You One Of The Lucky 13? Town Selects Baker’s Dozen For Street Repair In 2019


A lucky 13 town streets will undergo renovation and repave a year from now in 2019 as the Office of Community Development released the annual list of roads to be reconstructed under the Pavement Management Program. The streets are selected through a set of criteria that includes the condition of the road and it all infrastructure work has been completed.

The streets that will see repairs begun in the spring of next year include:

  • Alma Avenue (from Bartlett to Belmont)
  • Newton Street (Belmont to Fairview)
  • Ridge Road (Belmont to White)
  • Juniper Road (Somerset to Fletcher)
  • Carleton Road (Washington to Chester)
  • Harriet Avenue (Bartlett to Belmont)
  • Indian Hill Road (Old Middlesex to Oakley)
  • Essex Road (Benton to Old Middlesex)
  • Preble Gardens Road (Old Middlesex to Oakley)
  • Old Middlesex Road (Oakley to Benton)
  • Benton Road (Payson to Oakley)
  • Townsend Road (Payson N to Payson S)
  • Alexander Avenue (Leonard to Claflin)

Final Day of Winter Street Repaving Underway Wednesday, Aug. 2

Photo: Perkins truck ready to go.

On Wednesday, August 2, Hudson-based E.H. Perkins will begin paving the final section of Winter Street between Concord Avenue and the Lexington town line.

Work will begin at 6 a.m. with the hope of completing the work in one day. The road will be closed, and delays are expected during construction hours between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Residents and Commuters are advised to seek alternate routes.

Winter Street residents will not have vehicular access to their homes and properties during work hours. 

For any questions or concerns about the project, contact Arthur O’Brian, resident engineer in the Office of Community Development, at 617-993-2665.

14 Roads Slated For Reconstruction in Fiscal ’18

Photo: It’s so bad, it’s a winner! (Thanks, Google)

For homeowners on 14 roads in Belmont: Congratulations, you’ve won the bad street lottery.

According to the town’s Office of Community Development, the thoroughfares you live on are deemed so in disrepair – more than half of the roads have a pavement condition index (PCI) rating in the 30s, considered a “poor” grade where travel is “uncomfortable with frequent bumps or depressions” – that it made the cut to undergo a complete reconstruction in fiscal 2018 which begins July 1. 

The “winners” are:

  • Williston Road from Trapelo to Horne (with a PCI rating of 34)
  • Alma Avenue from Bartlett to Belmont
  • Louise Road from Edgemore to Becket
  • Newton Street from Belmont to Fairview
  • Ridge Road from Belmont to White
  • Carleton Road from Washington to Chester
  • Juniper Road from Somerset to Fletcher
  • Branchaud Road from Carleton to Washington
  • Creeley Road from Slate to Hammond
  • Harriet Avenue from Bartlett to Belmont
  • Benton Road from Payson to Oakley
  • Lawndale Street from Oakley to Payson Road
  • Townsend Road from Payson (North) to Payson (South)
  • Payson Road from Oakley to Belmont

The list is subject to change based on the availability of utility work by National Grid to be completed on the roads in 2017. All the work in fiscal ’18 follows the replacement of nearly 100-year-old water mains by the Department of Public Work’s Water Division. 

Wishes Do Come True: Town Release List of Streets to be Reconstructed in ’14

They will be dancing on a number of Belmont streets – repaired streets! – later this year as Belmont’s Director of Community Development Glenn Clancy released the list of 11 roads that will be reconstructed and repaved hopefully by the end of the 2014 construction season.

The list – submitted to the Belmont Board of Selectmen at their Monday, July 21 meeting – include a number in eastern Belmont. Work by contractor E.H. Perkins Construction of Waltham will begin in August.

The list includes:

  • Brighton Street: Pleasant Street to the cul-de-sac
  • Knowles Road: Holt Street to the Waltham town line
  • Whitcomb Street: Lexington Stret to the Watertown town line
  • Wellesley Road: Village Hill to Crestview roads
  • Fairview Avenue: Payson Road to School Street
  • Hoitt Road: Newcastle Road to Dean Street
  • Brettwood Road: Common Street to Homer Road and Hastings to Horace roads
  • Radcliffe Road: Scott to Frontage roads
  • Falmouth Street: Fairview Avenue to Belmont Street
  • Concord Avenue: Cambridge city line to Louise Road
  • Unity Avenue: Falmouth Street to Park Road

Clancy said while the town uses a ranking system to determine which roads are to be considered for repair, he said some of the roads on this year’s list would not have made the cut as there are worse roads in town. But due to delays in the Water Divisions  of the Department of Public Works’s capital improvement program, replacement of water mains on dilapidated streets have not taken place and the town will not reconstruct a road if a new main is needed.