What’s Open, Closed On Labor Day In Belmont/ Trash,Recycling Pickup Delayed A Day


Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4, ends the last big getaway weekend of the summer.

It’s one of ten holidays recognized by the federal government, although the feds don’t require employers to pay workers for this holiday. Businesses traditionally provide their employees with a paid holiday as part of a benefits package because most other employers do the same.

Trash and recycling collection is delayed ONE DAY due to the holiday: If your pickup day is Monday, this week it will be collected on Tuesday, etc.


Belmont Town offices, Belmont Public Library, and Belmont Light are closed.

• US Postal Service offices and regular deliveries.

• Banks; although some branches will be open in some supermarkets.

• MBTA: Operating on a Sunday schedule. See www.mbta.com for details.

What’s Opened:

• Retail stores

• Coffee shops; Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are open.

• Supermarkets

• Convenience stores and,

• Establishments that sell beer and wine are also allowed to be open.

Town Offices, Library, Post Offices Closed Monday, Jan. 2; Trash Collection Delayed A Day

Photo: Trash and recycling has been pushed back a day

While nearly all retail and some firms are back to work on Monday, Jan. 2, town, state and federal government will be taking the New Years Day holiday on the second day of 2023.

In Belmont, town offices will be closed as will the Belmont Public Library. The two US postal service sites on Concord Avenue and Trapelo Road will be shut while the MBTA’s subway, bus, and The RIDE will run on a Sunday schedule and commuter rail will run on a weekend schedule.

Due to the holiday, trash and recycling pickup will be delayed by one day.

Town Offices And Library Closed, Trash/Recycling Delayed A Day For Holiday; Tips On Holiday Recycling

Photo: Trash and recycling delayed a day

With Christmas falling on a Sunday, federal and state law says that today, Monday, Dec. 26 – yes, Boxing Day – will be observed as the holiday.

And while many retailers and other businesses will be open for post-Christmas sales and returns, federal, state and local government will be closed including the Belmont Town Hall and all town offices and departments. The Belmont Public Library will be closed as will the two US Postal Service offices on Trapelo Road and Concord Avenue.

Due to the holiday, trash and recycling will be delayed by one day. So if your pickup day is Monday, cool your jets for a day and haul those carts out on Tuesday.

Holiday Recycling

With the holidays coming up, it is very important to know what gets recycled around your house. Now is the best time to do your part, according to the Department of Public Works.

What holiday items DO belong in the blue recycling bins?

  • CLEAN plastic jars, jugs, and bottles but nothing over five gallons.
  • CLEAN metal food cans, and tin foil
  • CLEAN glass bottles or other containers
  • Flattened cardboard WITHOUT plastic covering
  • Wrapping paper and holiday cards WITHOUT foil or glitter

What holiday items DO NOT belong in the blue recycling bins?

  • Ribbons or bows
  • Batteries
  • Christmas lights, string lights, bulbs
  • Clothing
  • Plastic packaging, toys, bags, wrap or film
  • Food or liquid
  • Electronics. Does it need a sticker
  • Christmas trees
  • Metals

Clothes should be donated, not be thrown away. There are plenty of textile bins located around Belmont that you can use to donate your clothes. If the textile bin is full, please do not leave bags of clothes outside of the container. Make sure the textiles aren’t wet, moldy or have any hazardous waste on them. Learn more by going to this link: Textile Recycling


With Christmas falling on Sunday, under federal and state law the holiday period is being extended to Monday, Dec. 26 (Boxing Day). While businesses are open for post-Christmas sales and returns, federal, state and local government offices will remain closed for the holiday on Monday. The Belmont Public Library will also stay closed. The USPS offices on Concord Avenue and Trapelo Road will open on Tuesday, Dec. 27.

The extended holiday also means that curbside trash and recycling will be pushed back a day. So Monday pickup reverts to Tuesday in the collection universe, and Tuesday to Wednesday, etc.