Location, Location: When Temps Hit 100, Lemonade Stands Out By The Pool

Photo: It’s where you place your business that counts in the lemonade trade. When temperatures in Belmont reached triple digits on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 14, what better place to be than the Underwood Pool? And a pair of entrepreneurial brothers thought, what better place to make a few dollars on this very hot weekend than […]

A Trio of Friends’ Lemonade Stand Sells Out on the Fifth of July

Photo: Ava Sullivan, Mitra Morgan and Ariana Sullivan selling lemonade. By 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 5, the neighbors were coming back from their July 4th holiday, just about the time that sales at the lemonade stand at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Falmouth Street started picking up. Manning the operation were 14 year old […]

Before Cold and Rain, One Entrepreneur Makes Lemonade Pay

Memorial Day Monday was an outlier this year; a warm and a bit humid day sandwiched between cool and at time rainy weather. It was the perfect opportunity for Evelynn of Fairview Avenue to show her entrepreneurial chops. With attendees from the Memorial Day ceremony heading back home, the five-year-old made a batch of nicely-tart lemonade, found […]