Before Cold and Rain, One Entrepreneur Makes Lemonade Pay

Memorial Day Monday was an outlier this year; a warm and a bit humid day sandwiched between cool and at time rainy weather.

It was the perfect opportunity for Evelynn of Fairview Avenue to show her entrepreneurial chops.

With attendees from the Memorial Day ceremony heading back home, the five-year-old made a batch of nicely-tart lemonade, found a table, straws, the required red cups, and a garnish of real sliced lemons. IMG_8831

“She made a list of everything she needed. She was very organized and I’m impressed,” said her dad.

To bring the point home that she was so pen for business, Evelynn created her own sign on large poster paper: Lemonade 50 cents spelled out in crayon.

Soon the customers came calling from strangers to neighbor kids. Evelynn proved an adept business person, pouring just enough lemonade to satisfy buyers so that she would not have to make another supply of the drink. In just a few minutes, Evelynn made a few dollars that her dad placed in her wallet.

“It think she’s doing a fantastic job,” her dad said.

So, could the lemonade stand foretell a future in business?

Watch out, Shark Tank.

“We’ll find out,” said her mom.

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