A Trio of Friends’ Lemonade Stand Sells Out on the Fifth of July

Photo: Ava Sullivan, Mitra Morgan and Ariana Sullivan selling lemonade.

By 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 5, the neighbors were coming back from their July 4th holiday, just about the time that sales at the lemonade stand at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Falmouth Street started picking up.

Manning the operation were 14 year old Mitra Morgan and 13-year-old twins, Ava and Ariana Sullivan. The Sullivan sisters had the idea of selling lemonade – with real lemon slices – and since Morgan was actively raising money “we decided to do both together,” said Ariana. 

Morgan, who will be a freshman at Belmont High School, is raising money for the cheer team which she made during tryouts as a Chenery student.

The trio brought in $32 – at 50 cents a cup – which provided to be a successful afternoon of commerce for the young entrepreneurs. 

“It was really fun. We got to meet our neighbors,” said Ava, who with her sister were homeschooled and will be attending the Chenery in the fall.

One such resident they got to know was Bliss who lives on Falmouth Street and got the final cup of the day after seeing the girls driving home.

“Who doesn’t love lemonade?” she asked. 

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  1. Elizabeth Atkins says

    Nice to see kids still doing the lemonade stand. When my grand kids in Arlington VA had one, their steady customer was the UPS driver.

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