Fed Grant Allows Belmont Fire to be Fully Staffed Since 2010

Just before the start of summer next year, the Belmont Fire Department will return to a position it hadn’t been in since 2010: being fully staffed. Thanks to a federal grant aimed at increasing the number of “front line” firefighters to meet national staffing and response standards, “[the BFD] will be budgeted for four shifts of 13 […]

Belmont Fire Log: Angry Bees Have Grandma On the Run

Late night entry Sept. 14: Just before 11 p.m., Engine 2 was sent to a Stewart Terrace (that’s near Belmont Acres Farm) house. Seems like someone forgot their keys and needed assistance getting inside. Too hot for modern technology Sept. 15: If anyone was wondering why the entire Belmont Fire Department was outside the Butler School just before 10 […]

Belmont Fire Log: Fire at the Chenery, Lightning Strike Fries Outlet

Possible lightning strike uses lawn to get inside Sept. 7 – At a quarter ’til 11 a.m., a resident who was returning from vacation to his Plymouth Avenue house discovered charring to an electrical outlet and the adjacent sprinkler control unit in basement. Firefighters told the man the charring pattern suggests the damage may have been result of electrical storm and […]

Belmont Fire Honors Those Lost on 9/11

The Belmont Fire Department held its annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States at the FF Roland A. Weatherbee Fire Headquarters on Trapelo Road on Thursday, Sept. 11. Firefighters remembered those who were lost in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, Pentagon and in Shanksville, […]

Belmont Fire Log: Elevator Rescue on the First Day of School

Did I forget to do something? Sept. 1 – Just before 3:30 p.m., Engine 1 and the Ladder truck were dispatched to a Beech Street two-family for a report of natural gas inside the house. The second floor occupant said he could smell gas coming from the floor below. Fire crews could also detect the […]

Belmont Fire Log: ‘Friendly’ Fire and How to Cut a Gas Line

Under a “friendly” fire Aug. 3: A minute before 3 p.m., Engine 1 was sent to the corner of Beech Street and Wilson Avenue for a report of smoke in the area. The fire crew found a “friendly” fire – BBQ – in rear of a Beech Street house. The homeowner was told if excessive smoke not controlled then […]

Belmont Fire Log: Humming Sound Brings Out the Crew

Defective part spoils dinner July 20 just before 3:30 p.m., Engine 1 was sent to Longmeadow Road where a backyard chef could not close the valve on the propane tank of his grill. Fire crews successfully disconnected the tank from the grill without creating a leak. The cook was advised to exchange the faulty tank for a new one and notify […]

Belmont Blaze Damages Milton Street House

A multi-alarm fire severely damaged a single-family home at 15 Milton St. on Monday afternoon, July 14. According to the father of the home’s owner – who did not want to give his name – a workman painting in the garage of the two-story house built in 1930 heard the fire alarms and smelled a burning […]

Marlboro Street Triple-Decker Destroyed in Three-Alarm Blaze

A three-alarm fire that began just after midnight in a triple-decker at 58 Marlboro St. destroyed the century-old structure leaving the owner and two sets of tenants homeless, according to Belmont Fire Chief David Frizzell. The nine residents of the building escaped the blaze uninjured. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time […]