Belmont Fire Log: Co-Workers Fall Victim to Careless Disposal of Smokes

Photo: The victims.  On the fence Sept. 6 – At 8:35 a.m., Engine 1 and its crew sped to Waverely Square’s Church Street for a report of a smoldering mulch fire that had extended to a nearby fence post. The team used hand tools and a two-and-a-half gallon can of water to extinguish the fire. Needs air  […]

Belmont Fire Log: Sharp-Eyed Firefighter Spots Improperly-Placed Grill

Photo: Summer grilling.  One hot car July 16 – At twenty ’til 2 p.m., Engine 1 and the Ladder truck hustled over to a car fire on Howard Street located across from the Chenery Middle School.  Both crews assisted the other in extinguishing the car fire. The motor vehicle was towed to the Town Yard. An downstairs disaster everted  July 17 – […]

Belmont Fire Log: An Act of Kindness for a Belmont Senior

Outside, looking in March 8 – Just about half past noon, a fire crew headed to a residence on Simmons Avenue to help yet another resident who found themselves locked out of their home. Search on a cold night March 9 – A hair before 6 p.m., Engine 1 and the Rescue truck took off towards a house on Beech Street after […]

Belmont Fire Log: Stuck in the Fire House, Town Hall All Wet

Editor’s Note: The photo initially used to illustrate this article is a copyright image by an established photographer used without his permission or compensation. The selection of the image was inadvertent and an error that this publication regrets. Locked out March 2 – Just after 3 p.m., firefighters headed over to Creeley Road where they helped a resident who […]

Belmont Fire Log: Damn the Ice Dams, Time Out for the Fire Alarm

Now that’s a deep sleep Feb. 9 – Just a few minutes ’til 5 a.m., Engine 1 was sent to a two-family on Harding Avenue because a smoke detractor was blaring and blaring. The people on the first floor said the second-floor residents were there, but they could not raise them. The crew forced their […]

Belmont Fire Log: Idling Vehicle Caused CO Alarms to Sound

Locked out, the series Feb. 2 – Just before 7:30 p.m., crews clambered to Slade Street to help a resident who locked themselves out of their home. Water from the attic Feb. 2 – Just after 7:30 p.m., Engine 1 took off for a York Road single family to investigate a water problem. Turns out […]

Belmont Fire Log: Just Add a Little Stove Top Grease While Cooking

‘Nuff said. Jan. 11 – At 10:11 a.m., fire units were sent to a Common Streeet house for an outdoor water leak. Turned out, as the official fire log reported, the problem was due to a “frozen outside cock.” It was Sunday Jan. 11 – Just before half past 11 a.m., members of a Belmont church’s congregation asked Belmont Rescue and Engine 1 to check […]

Belmont Fire Log: I’m Locking You Out, Mom

Where is this arc? Jan. 4 – About an hour after midnight, Engine 2 was sent to Knox Street to investigate what was reported to be outside wires arcing. Firefighters were told by a homeowner that she saw a flash and heard popping sounds which she believed came from a street light across from her home. One neighbor reported hearing […]

Belmont Fire Log: Toddler and Cooking Lunch Inside, Parent Locked Outside

Gas, on and off Dec. 1 – At half past 4 p.m., Engine 2 and Ladder 1 headed over the Belmont Public Library on Concord Avenue for a reported odor of gas in the building. Engine 2 investigated and found a slight odor but not of natural gas. A library representative told the crew the odor has occurred […]

Belmont Fire Log: Sleep-Deprived Tenant Speaks His Mind to Firefighter

The illustration is a detail from a larger piece called “Sleep Deprivation” by a great young artist Adam Murphy. Cooking too long Nov. 23 – At half past noon, fire companies from headquarters were dispatched to a large brick apartment building on Trapelo Road in Cushing Square after smoke was reported in a 6th-floor unit. The crew from Engine 1 […]