Humanity’s Victory: Commemorating the Christmas Truce of 1914

One-hundred years ago today, one of the most miraculous, magical events in the history of modern warfare occurred along stretches of the Western Front during World War I; soldiers on both sides of the conflict put aside their weapons and spontaneously ventured out onto “no-man’s-land” in a gesture of goodwill and peace associated with Christmas. Watch the 2014 English […]

Restoring Memories: Group Set to Mend Belmont’s Vet Memorials

The pain of John Ray’s brother’s death nearly half-a-century ago still haunts him. “Even to this day, I still have dreams that he comes back to me,” said Ray speaking of his older brother, Walter “Donny” Ray, killed in action in Vietnam in November 1967. Ray, along with Edward “Teddy” Lee – his teammate on […]

A Century After the First, Belmont Resident Ponders If Another World War is Around the Corner

From her room in the Central Station Hotel in Newcastle, Willena Benton excitedly wrote to her hometown newspaper on the great events taking place outside her window. “England has sent an ultimatum demanding an answer before midnight. That probably means WAR!” Benton wrote in a letter dated Aug. 4, 1914 to the Belmont Courier; the […]