New Underwood Pool in Flux as Low Bidder Leaves Belmont High and Dry

The sudden departure of the construction company set to build the new Underwood Pool complex has left the future the town’s facility in flux as officials prepare to convene to discuss Belmont’s options in completing the project by next year. “We are disappointed that Seaver Construction decided to withdraw its bid, as we were looking […]

A Sunny Muddy Day at the Underwood Pool

Sunday was the perfect summer weekend day; sunny, warm and dry. Dry, that is, until you mix water and dirt together and then send wave after wave of children racing on an obstacles course around the Underwood Pool on Sunday, Aug. 24 as the Belmont Recreation Department held its inaugural “Kid’s Mud Run” to give kids a chance to say […]

Rec Dept. Says Good-Bye to Underwood Pool With Kid’s Mud Run

How do you say good-bye to an old friend? How about a day of mud and fun! That sounds just about right to Belmont Recreation Department’s Program Supervisor June Howell. After holding a successful season-opening event – the Summer Blast Off – for the town’s Underwood Pool in June, Howell began to think about holding some sort of celebration to mark the end of […]

Belmont Weekend: Pool Blast Off Sunday, Bright Corner Fair, the ‘Chef’ at the Studio

• The Belmont Recreation Department will be holding the 6th annual Summer Blast Off Party at the Underwood Pool on Sunday, June 22, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Join the celebration of the Underwood Pools’ farewell season with music, games and fun. • The Bright Corner Summer Fair will be held in the strip mall at 70 Concord Ave. on […]

Membership to the Historic Underwood Pool’s Final Season Now on Sale

It opened only months after both the sinking of the Titanic and the very first opening day at Fenway Park. It survived wars, polio epidemics and years of underfunding. But finally, Belmont’s 102-year-old Underwood Pool, which some believe is the oldest outdoor municipal pool in the US, is preparing for its final season after voters and Town […]

LIVE FEED: Belmont Town Meeting, Night 2: Pool, Pot, Shoveling and Yard Sales

7 p.m.: Welcome to the second night of the 155th edition of the Belmont Town Meeting here at the Belmont High School auditorium. Tonight will see the – hopefully – the final night for non-budget articles. First up is an update report on the “quaint” Belmont Center reconstruction being presented by Glenn Clancy, director of […]

Belmont Town Meeting Resumes at 7 PM

After an opening session that was a two dog (article) night, the 2014 annual Belmont Town Meeting will resume at 7 p.m., Wednesday, May 7, with the remaining non-budgetary articles with a real chance of finishing the May portion of the yearly assemblage of the town’s legislative body. The approximately 300 representatives who will gather at […]

It’s Official: The ‘Old’ Underwood Pool Gets One Last Season

The 102nd consecutive summer of the Underwood Pool, the nation’s oldest community pool in continuous operation, will be its last as the Belmont Board of Health approved variances to town regulations allowing the oval-shaped facility to open in the final weeks of June. “We approved it for one season only,” said Donna David, chair of […]

Baghdady Pins Selectman’s Post; Pool Passes Swimmingly

The Baghdady’s knows a bit about being tough on the wrestling circle – two from the extended Belmont family fought their ways to state wrestling championships – and on Tuesday night, April 1, Sami Baghdady took to the political mat and battled his way to the close victory to succeed the retiring Ralph Jones on […]