Letter to the Editor: Town Dems, Consider A Vote for Owens

Photo: Steve Owens 

To the editor:

If you choose a Democratic ballot in the presidential primary on March 1, you will find that Clinton and Sanders are not the only candidates on the ballot.

Please remember the name of Steve Owens. He’s running for Democratic State Committee, the official leaders of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts. I believe he has earned our consideration for that position.

Steve has chaired the Watertown Democratic Town Committee (DTC) since 2008, in addition to leading the Watertown campaigns for numerous statewide and local elections, including the successful campaigns of US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Gov. Deval Patrick. Steve has collaborated closely with the Belmont DTC through joint events and campaign activities, and he is highly respected by his partners in Belmont. As a tireless volunteer with tremendous leadership capabilities, organization skills, and insight, Steve will serve our community well.

Please join me in voting for Steve Owens on the Democratic Primary Ballot on March 1.

Ellen Schreiber

Town Meeting Member, Precinct 8