Primary: Trump, Clinton Top Belmont as Voters Came Out in Force

Photo: Dana Harrington of Holt Street feeling the “Bern.” Twenty-two Belmont voters were waiting to vote at the door leading into the gym to cast their ballot in the Massachusetts Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 1.  What was unusual was the voters were in line at the Burbank Elementary, at Precinct 7 whose citizens are known […]

Presidential Primary Day: Live Blog Updated All Day

Photo: Precinct 1 is open and busy. 2 p.m.: Voter’s participation running high in Belmont Four years ago, it seemed as if half the world’s media had descended on Belmont for the Presidential Primary as the one-time resident and eventual Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was voting at his home precinct at the Beech Street Center. […]

Letter to the Editor: Town Dems, Consider A Vote for Owens

Photo: Steve Owens  To the editor: If you choose a Democratic ballot in the presidential primary on March 1, you will find that Clinton and Sanders are not the only candidates on the ballot. Please remember the name of Steve Owens. He’s running for Democratic State Committee, the official leaders of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts. I […]

The FYI on Voting in the ‘Super Tuesday’ Presidential Primary Next Week

Photo: Belmont votes next Tuesday. Ready to vote in next week’s “Super Tuesday” presidential primary? It’s a little trickier than a regular election for several reasons so Belmont Town Clerk Ellen Cushman has released a primer on casting a ballot next Tuesday, March 1.  WHO CAN VOTE, AND FOR WHOM Your enrollment as a voter […]

Independent? Maybe Not! Know Before You Vote March 1 in Presidential Primary

Photo: Voting in Belmont. Belmont voters will cast their first ballot in 2016 Election Cycle on Tuesday, March 1 in the Presidential Primary Election. But just because you’re a registered voter doesn’t mean you can take any ballot that’s available. Ellen Cushman, Belmont’s Town Clerk, reminds residents the deadline to register to vote in the Presidential […]