Rink Sinks: New Skating Facility Proposal ‘Not Economically Viable’

Photo: The Skip has opened for the season. On the day the town opened the 40-year-old plus Viglirolo Skating Rink for the season, the Select Board heard that a long sought after replacement for the current dilapidated facility came to a close after the only candidate to reply to the ambitious proposal could not make […]

Bidding Opens For New Skating Rink, Decision On Winning Offer In May

Photo: A new rink will replace the five decade old “Skip” Viglirolo Skating Rink. In the same week the Belmont’s Skip Viglirolo Skating Rink was forced to shut down due to “unseasonably warm” temperatures – in January(!)– the town and schools OKed opening the bidding process to build a next-generation private/public partnership skating facility on school property […]

Public Meeting On New Rink Set (Sort Of) For Jan. 22

Photo: A new facility will replace the “Skip” Viglirolo rink adjacent to Harris Field. The public will get its opportunity to listen and speak up on a new skating rink as a tentative date was presented at the Belmont School Committee meeting Tuesday, Jan. 8. “Now is the time to take the next step” on […]

Opinion: A Privately Funded Rink the Fiscally-Responsible Choice

By Ellen Schreiber I’ve read several columns and postings about the new Belmont Youth Hockey skating rink proposal that are missing key information. As a member of the Warrant Committee, charged with analyzing the town budget, I believe a new, privately funded rink is the only fiscally responsible choice for Belmont. (Note: The Warrant Committee […]

School Committee Gives Initial Nod to Proposed New Rink/Rec Center

Photo: Bob Mulroy. The Belmont School Committee gave its initial “OK” Tuesday night, Sept. 8, for a youth sports organization to begin the process that could result in the construction of a new multi-purpose town recreation center.  “We are not just looking at our needs, but … of the entire community,” said Bob Mulroy, who […]

Psst: Can You Keep a Secret? Private/Public Scheme to Build New Skating Rink

Photo: “Skip” Viglirolo Skating Rink. It’s the worst kept secret in Belmont: a proposal to build a new private/public skating rink and field house on the site of the existing nearly half century old “Skip” Viglirolo rink and the White Field House adjacent to Harris Field off Concord Avenue. Not that this latest news required […]

Talks on Possible Private/Public Partnership to Rebuild Skating Rink Underway

Photo: Belmont’s ‘Skip’ Viglirolo Skating Rink. First, the White Field House. Then, the new Underwood Pool. Next, the town’s skating rink? After two successful public/private partnerships restored and saved a pair of town/school facilities in the past year, word is spreading that negotiations are underway for a possible collaboration between the town of Belmont and either an […]