Snow Emergency Lifted at Noon, Monday; Remember To Clear Your Walk

Photo: Now comes the shoveling The Belmont Snow Emergency Parking Ban was lifted effective noon, Monday, March 4. Below is a reminder from Belmont’s Office of Community Development: “The town’s residential snow removal bylaw requires sidewalks along residential property to be cleared of snow and ice by 8 p.m. the day after a storm ends. […]

Don’t Be Like Kerry: Belmont Sidewalks Must be Cleared by 8 PM

After last week’s blizzard, Secretary of State John Kerry was fined $50 for failing to clear snow from the sidewalk on the side of his Beacon Hill home in Boston. And Boston Code Enforcement officers didn’t give the former Massachusetts senator a pass just because he was in Saudi Arabia during the storm. (He did “happily” […]

In Brief: Belmont Town Meeting, Day 3: Regulations on the Side, Please

On the final night of debating and voting on the non-budgetary articles before the 155th edition of the Belmont Town Meeting, it was clear that Belmont’s Town Meeting members believe that when times call for them, as one attendee stated, “there are times for rules and regulations on who we all behave.” With overwhelming support, […]

Belmont Town Meeting, Night 3: Shelving Shoveling Petition Being Considered

Three is the magic number as the 155th annual Belmont Town Meeting will likely finish the non-budgetary section of the annual gathering of the town’s legislative body with a trio of articles representing the diverse subjects of medical marijuana, shoveling snow off of sidewalks and just how many yard sales a resident can hold a […]

Belmont Town Meeting Resumes at 7 PM

After an opening session that was a two dog (article) night, the 2014 annual Belmont Town Meeting will resume at 7 p.m., Wednesday, May 7, with the remaining non-budgetary articles with a real chance of finishing the May portion of the yearly assemblage of the town’s legislative body. The approximately 300 representatives who will gather at […]