Opinion: Well Worth the WAIT After Playing at Belmont’s Parks, Fields

Dear Belmont Residents:

We are all in our neighborhood parks, sports fields and athletic facilities at one time or another, either participating or enthusiastically coaching or cheering from the sidelines. All too often, in the flurry to head out to the next engagement, our parks, fields and facilities are left in a bit of a mess.  

Here is a simple mnemonic device for coaches, instructors, parents and athletes to address this situation before the field is deserted. It’s called WAIT, and it breaks down as follows:  

W – Waterbottle: Double check that you have your water bottle (recyclable or preferably reusable)

A – Athletic Gear: Look around!  Do you (and your teammates) have your sweatshirt, goalie gloves, cleats or helmet?  What about cones, balls, bats and sticks? 

I – Itty Bitty Pieces of Trash: OK, this really means all trash. But, a thorough scan for the little stuff – stray bottle caps, the ripped off corners of granola bars wrappers, the lone orange rind, gum wrappers and wads of athletic tape – makes a difference. 

T – Thank your coaches: Or instructors, or teachers, or lifeguards, or drivers or leaders, whether they are volunteers or professionals. They are out there because of you, and a little acknowledgement and appreciation goes a long way.  

Please take a moment to share this with your team, your teammates or your families. Think about the impact if we all could WAIT before heading home!

Donna Ruvolo

Choate Road