Belmont Light to Customers: Cool It Using Electricity During Peak Heat

Photo: Air conditioning units use a great amount of electricity. The summer’s first official heat wave – three consecutive days of 90-plus degree temperatures – is expected to put a mighty mechanical and monetary strain on Belmont Light, the town’s utility. In anticipation of Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 17-18, being high electricity usage days, Sagewell, Inc. –the […]

Phone Scammers Using Belmont Light to Fleece Customers

Photo: Phone scammers using Belmont Light to fleece customers. The caller says he is phoning from Belmont Light’s billing and collection service. He says your account is overdue and unless the bill is settled immediately – he advises making the payment over the phone – your electrical service will be terminated.  If you receive this call, Belmont Police is telling residents to hang up immediately as it is part […]

Belmont Light Urge Customers to Reduce Power Usage During Peak

Photo: Turn it down! With temperatures today forecasted to reach the 90s again, Belmont Light has a request to its 11,000 customers: Lighten up on the power, please.  With today, Thursday, July 30, expected to be another high electricity use day, the town’s electrical utility is urging users to save energy and money by reducing electricity consumption during the hottest […]

Net Metering Working Group Begins Under Solar Supporters’ Glare

Photo: Henry “Jake” Jacoby. After more than 18 months of fits and starts, failed proposals and increasing acrimony, a newly-appointed working group made up of heavyweight experts created by the Board of Selectmen to craft a new solar power policy for Belmont, will kickoff its efforts Monday. Yet even before the Temporary Net Metering Working Advisory Group is gaveled into existence […]

Departing Light Advisory Chair Slams Light Board, Solar Advocates; ‘Pay to Play Politics’

Photo: Ashley Brown, former chair of the Municipal Light Advisory Board. ( image) In an incendiary farewell address, Ashley Brown, the departing chair of the Municipal Light Advisory Board, blasted members of the Light Board – made up of the Board of Selectmen – and advocates of a progressive solar power policy in Belmont for trading […]

As Town Delays Policy, Town Meeting Considers Solar Power Resolution

Photo: Solar panels. Just two weeks after the Belmont Light Board – made up of the Belmont Board of Selectmen – decided to delayed the start of a payment plan for residents who use solar power, Town Meeting will debate placing a non-binding resolution on the town ballot to ask if the town should support as policy […]

Belmont Light Asking Residents to be Prepared for Nor’easter

Here is a press release from the folks at Belmont Light on the pending Nor’easter heading our way. The approaching winter storm is expected to bring heavy winds and high amounts of snowfall to Belmont. Belmont Light asks its customers to take the following measures to help ensure that they are prepared in case the […]

Saturday’s Power Outage Left 2,000 Belmont Light Customers in the Dark

The Christmas lights went out to about a quarter of Belmont homes on Saturday, Dec. 13 as a large-scale blackout hit the town. According to Becca Keane, Belmont Lights’ executive assistant and communications coordinator, the outage, first reported at 12:51 p.m. on Saturday, was related to an energy supply issue from NStar, the town’s wholesale power supplier. The issue resulted […]

Light Icing Monday Night/Tuesday AM; Then the Deluge for Belmont

First ice, then lots and lots of water. No, it’s not the first steps in making a cocktail but the spate of nasty weather – ice, rain and wind – Belmont residents will face for the next day and a half. At 3:21 p.m., the National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory that begins […]

Nor’easter on Thanksgiving Eve. That’s All You Need to Know

To hear and read the forecasts being bandied about for tomorrow, Thanksgiving Eve, one would believe the Boston region is teetering on the edge of the apocalypse due to the anticipation of the dreaded Nor’easter. “Nor’easter Likely To Bring Thanksgiving Travel Chaos to Northeast” shouts the headline from a national broadcasting corporation. “Expectations for an approaching nor’easter have shifted, […]