New Phone Scam Targeting Belmont Light Customers

Photo: Beware of the new way people are attempting to scam Belmont residents. Belmont Light customers should be on guard against a telephone scam that involves callers impersonating Belmont Light staff. As part of the recent scam, several Belmont residents received a phone call with a pre-recorded message urging Belmont Light customers to schedule an […]

Phone Scammers Using Belmont Light to Fleece Customers

Photo: Phone scammers using Belmont Light to fleece customers. The caller says he is phoning from Belmont Light’s billing and collection service. He says your account is overdue and unless the bill is settled immediately – he advises making the payment over the phone – your electrical service will be terminated.  If you receive this call, Belmont Police is telling residents to hang up immediately as it is part […]