Belmont Fire Log: Ambulance Crew Losing Patience With Runaway Patient

Just a bit of deadly gas; nothing to worry about

Oct. 19 – Just before 8 p.m., Engine 2 took off to a Stone Road house to investigate why the carbon monoxide detector was blaring. The owner said his gas stove burners and oven would “periodically” malfunction releasing gas into the house. “This is the first time the alarm went off,” he said. The firefighters quickly shut off the stove and the heating system. The gas company shut off the main gas supply to the house as well as the air handling unit. Heating unit and stove were red tagged for service, and the homeowner was informed of the process.

Losing patience with runaway patient

Oct. 19 – At 20 minutes past 6 p.m, the Advance Life Savings ambulance was sent to Park Road for a medical emergency. But once there, they couldn’t find the patient! The person who called 911 said her boyfriend did not feel well, but did not want her to call 911. Apparently the “possible patient” fled the scene when his friend called 911. Belmont Police and the Engine 1 crew searched the surrounding neighborhoods for said patient. When the reluctant patient was not found, the department told the woman to call back if the patient contacts her or is located.

Killing a mosquito with a cannon 

Oct. 20 – Two minutes ’til 7 p.m., crews arrived at a Marlboro Street home after a resident called 911: she burned a plastic spoon on the stove.


If a tree falls in Belmont …
Oct. 23 – At 25 minutes past 8 p.m., Engine 1, Ladder 1 speed through town heading for Davis Road after a tree fell onto the house. Sure enough, the tree was resting on one side of the house but with no visible inside damage. All occupants were escorted out of the building to a safe area as the Belmont Highway Department, and the town’s tree service was on-scene upon the fire department’s arrival. The town’s building inspector came out also. As the crews were about to leave, a large tree limb fell onto the same electrical wires. Command requested the Light Department come back to the scene.

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