Annual Acoustic Coffeehouse Thursday to Help End Homelessness

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Belmont High School’s Working to Help the Homeless Club will host its third annual acoustic Coffeehouse on Thursday, March 10 at 7 p.m. in the school’s cafeteria.

With music, ice cream, and homemade goodies, it is sure to be a great night. Open to all, tickets – which includes ice cream and other treats – are $5 at Champions Sporting Goods in Belmont Center and at the door.

Our performers will include:

  • Naria Sealy, Ashley Townsend, and Nic Neves
  • Wonyoung Jang, Evan Wagner, and Ben Crocker
  • Jasper Wolf, Nico Albano, Tommy Slap, Tino Decoulos, Aidan Hamell
  • Isabella Jaen Maisonet and Olivia Pierce
  • Ashley Townsend
  • Michael Rodriguez and Nathaniel Taylor
  • Becca Schwarz and Amelia Ickes
  • Kail Pellicane
  • Navya Jain and Mahima Sindhu
  • Jen Tan, Emily Logan, and Lilikoi Bronson
  • Josie Cooper and Kiara Holm
  • Elizabeth Galli and Viola Monovich
  • Rafi Wagner, Benton Jones, Jack Merullo, Matt Thompson, Bella Martin, Haig Hovsepian, Nic Neves, Clay Moyles, Danny Holt and Joe Wenzel
  • Ben Covell
  • Barry Eom

Last year’s coffeehouse was a huge success, raising over $1600 for the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Youth Housing Initiative (Y2Y Harvard Square). Working to Help the Homeless Club decided to donate the money to the same cause this year as well.  Y2Y Harvard Square is the second youth-only shelter in the Boston area, serving homeless people between the ages of 18 and 24. The shelter, which opened in November, is run by Harvard students and works to create safe and secure futures for homeless youth (hence the name Y2Y, or youth to youth).

The Coffeehouse for a Cause is sure to be a blast and benefits an excellent cause. Show your support for Belmont High School’s exceptional performers and the Working to Help the Homeless club.

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