Three Routes Presented As Finalists for Belmont’s Community Path

Photo: Screenshot of the presentation from Pare Corp of one of the three top-ranking routes. And now there are three. After more than a half a year of analysis and study, the project management team conducting a feasibility study of a community path in Belmont presented to the public three possible routes that “scored” the […]

Wednesday’s Comm. Path Feasibility Meeting: $ and Rating the Routes

Photo: Community path in Somerville. The penultimate public meeting of the Belmont Community Path feasibility study will finally focus on how much each of the possible routes running across Belmont will cost and how to find the Benjamins to pay for it. The meeting, at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 26, in the Chenery Middle School’s auditorium, will […]

Community Path Feasibility Study Winding Down, Recommendation in April

Photo: Anne Archer of PARE Corporation leads residents in the latest round of the Community Path Feasibility Study on Wednesday, March 8. Before approximately 50 residents in the Belmont Town Hall auditorium on Wednesday, March 8, the consultants conducting the feasibility study on a proposed multi-use community path running through Belmont said the review is […]

Community Path’s ‘Hot’ Topics at Wednesday’s Meeting

Photo: A previous public meeting of the Community Path Implementation committee. “Hot topics” raised at three previous community meetings will return for a second go-around before residents as the Community Path Implementation Advisory Committee holds its fourth public meeting on the creation of a multi-use route through Belmont. The meeting takes place on Wednesday, Dec. […]

Five ‘Eastern’ Options Put Forth in Community Path Feasibility Study

Photo: Participants at last week’s community path feasibility study view alternative routes on poster boards. The one message the consultants conducting the Belmont Community Path Feasibility Study wanted to convey to residents attending last week’s public meeting on building a path through Belmont was that any discussion would stay within the bounds of “respectful civil […]

Take a Hike: Western Community Path Trail Walk Saturday Morning

Photo: Star Market parking lot. Up until now, the many and varied routes that could make up a community path running the length of Belmont have been conceptional, drawn on a map or written in a report. This weekend, residents will have the opportunity to discover exactly how those courses would ramble through town as […]

Town Selects Firm for Community Path Feasibility Study, Set to Sign Contract

Photo: The East Bay Bike Path from Bristol to Providence, RI, created by the PARE Corp. The long-awaited feasibility study to recommend a preferred route for a two-and-a-quarter mile long community path running through Belmont appears well on its way to becoming a reality. PARE Corp., the firm selected by both the Board of Selectmen and an advisory […]

Selectmen OKs Feasibility Study for Proposed Community Path

Photo: Russell Leino (center), chair of the Community Path Implementation Advisory Committee with Heather Ivestor (left) and Brian Burke. The Belmont Board of Selectmen took a significant step in moving the idea of a town community path towards reality when it approved the hiring an engineering consultant to create a feasibility study of a dozen proposed routes from the Waltham […]

Belmont Selectmen Appoints Community Path Implementation Committee

The Belmont Board of Selectmen selected five residents – each with their specific skill set – to determine not just the best route for a community path to transverse Belmont, but also how to pay for it. The Community Path Implementation Advisory Committee takes over from the Community Path Advisory Committee which completed its work […]

Selectmen Extends Deadline for Path Implementation Committee to Dec. 8

The Belmont Board of Selectmen has extended the deadline for applications to the newly-established Community Path Implementation Advisory Committee until Monday, Dec. 8. The temporary committee, which will consist of five members, will be selected at the Selectmen’s meeting on Monday, Dec. 15. Under the selectmen’s direction, the committee will develop recommended strategies for the design, construction and […]