About Us

The Belmontonian is an online media source focusing on all things in the “Town of Homes”: from breaking news to home sales, what’s happening in the town’s highly-regarded schools, community events and sports.

If it is happening in Belmont, you’ll see it in the Belmontonian.

Whether recapping Town Meeting, the girls’ soccer team win and a new business in Belmont Center, residents are turning to the Belmontonian, and in its growing social network network – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – to find out what’s going on in and around town.

In the near future, the Belmontonian will partner with the Belmont Media Center on a weekly news program, adding another venue for residents to receive our information.

The Belmontonian’s mission is to provide coverage of Belmont-specific news, profiles, events and other interesting things with the hope it will encourage discussion, dialogue and strive to create an enjoyable place for both its readers and contributors.

Journalistically, the Belmontonian is strictly non-partisan, allowing a voice to all sides of an issue – be it of utmost importance to the trivial – affecting the town’s residents and commercial interests. It will strive to be fair, accurate and spirited, and always providing the first and best coverage.

The Belmontonian’s goal is to celebrate what’s good about Belmont while calling attention, thoughtfully, to what can and should be improved.