Letter To The Editor: Belmont’s Poll Workers and Election Staff are Amazing

Photo: Election workers Dear Neighbors and Voters of Belmont: While many Americans are focused on the results of the Nov. 3  Presidential Election, I  call special attention to our fellow Belmont neighbors who served as election workers to guarantee the rightful exercise of our treasured right to vote, even in the midst of a global […]

Election Day In Belmont: Biden Takes Belmont As Mr. Kelley Goes To Town Hall To Vote

Photo: Nicole Howkins voted at Precinct 7. It took several minutes for Fred Kelley to move up the ramp into Town Hall. Moving quite slowly with the aid of a walker, the 86-year-old Beatrice Circle resident was visibly struggling to make it into the building. The former Navy flyer and recruiter had to stop twice […]

Belmont Votes: 2020 Presidential Election

Photo: Go out and get your sticker Voting in the Massachusetts Presidential Election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 3.  Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters wishing to cast their ballot on Election Day must go to their assigned voting precinct. All voters are requested to wear a mask when entering the […]

One Week To Vote: A Q&A With Town Clerk On Early Voting, Election Day

Photo: Early voting at Town Hall continues to Friday There are mailers filled with voter requests stacked behind the plexiglass on the front desk of the Belmont Town Clerks office at Town Hall. Across the hall, volunteers are helping residents with the early voting process while other voters are jump out of their vehicles to […]

In Person Early Voting: Saturday, Oct. 17 To Friday, Oct. 30 At Town Hall

Photo: According to the Town Clerks webite, In-Person Early Voting begins in Belmont on Saturday, Oct. 17, and lasts until Friday, Oct. 30. Registered voters can come to Town Hall to cast their ballots; it is the only location where early voting for the 2020 Presidential election will take place. The schedule for Early In-Person […]

‘Vote By Mail’ Postcards Mailed To Belmont’s Registered Voters.

Photo: A sample of the ‘Vote By Mail’ Planning to vote in the State Primary Sept. 1 or the Presidential Election Nov. 3?  This is certainly a different election season and different behavior will help to keep us all safe and guarantee your ballot gets counted on Election Day.  The Massachusetts Legislature voted new entitlements in the […]

‘A Big Ask’: Town To Seek $12M-$14M Prop 2 1/2 Override Likely In November

Photo: Tom Caputo, chair of the Financial Task Force 2. With town finances at the precipice of a financial black hole coming this time next year, the Belmont Select Board will ask voters to pass the largest Proposition 2 1/2 override in the town’s history of between $12 to $14 million. “It’s a big ask,” […]