Farewell: Belmont’s Wandering Moose Meets End In Weston


The sad news came way of Twitter – as most news does today – from out in the western suburbs Monday evening. There was an accident between a car and a moose near Route 128:

While the driver was not hurt, the same was not the fate of the moose, who had to be put down by Massachusetts Environmental Police.

It was soon determined that the animal hit by the car was, likely, the Belmont Moose, the female cow that took an early morning stroll on June 2 through Watertown and many locations in the Town of Home that caught the attention of thousands on social media and television from greater Boston to as far as Japan. 

The news spread fast, reaching the moose’s official Twitter account with its 319 followers who added “RIP” to the account’s name.

And the reaction among her fans was immediate:

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