Belmont To Hold Vigil For Peace And Community Tuesday, July 12

Photo: Candlelight vigil in Belmont.

Belmont’s social justice and faith communities will come together on Tuesday for an observance of reflection after weeks of violence in the US and around the world.

Co-sponsored by Belmont Against Racism, the interfaith Belmont Religious Council, and other local community groups, the Belmont Vigil for Peace and Community will occur on Tuesday, July 12 at 8 p.m. at the St. Joseph Catholic Church courtyard facing Common Street. Parking is available in the St. Joseph parking lot off School Street.

“In the face of so many recent tragedies across our country and the world, it is important for local communities to come together and reflect on peace and understanding,” wrote Belmont Religious Council’s┬áJohn Robotham announcing the vigil.

“From Turkey to Dallas, to Orlando, St. Paul and beyond, there has never been a greater need to respect our differences, affirm the value of every life, and seek common ground,” he said.

The brief candlelight service will include members of many different faith communities in town, local community organizations and representatives from the Belmont Police Department. The service will conclude after sunset at 8:30 p.m.

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  1. Elizabeth Atkins says

    Thank you for the good summary of why these vigils are important. L cannot get around these days but I know it was important for those who went.and I’m sure they appreciated having our State Senator and Representative there.

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