Belmont Residents Daily Commute Time Mirrors US

At least when it comes to getting to work or school, Belmont residents are just about average.

That information is according to a new interactive map developed by the innovated data news team at New York’s WNYC which tabulated the average travel times (whether it is by car, mass transit, bike or walking) to work via ZIP Code by mining information from the US Census Bureau.

According to WNYC, a Belmont resident averages 25.9 minutes travel time to work or school, slightly higher – by just about 30 seconds – then the national average of 25.4 minutes. Just over the line in Arlington and North Cambridge, commutes are five minutes longer while in Waltham, daily travel is shorter by three minutes.

Just think how much shorter those times would be once all the construction is completed and the roads repaired?

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