[PHOTOS] High School Prepares for Turkey Day at Pep Rally

Photo: All hail the pie-eating champion! On Wednesday morning, Nov. 25, before the start of the four-day Thanksgiving Day recess, Belmont High School’s Wenner Field House became home to a “battle of the classes” as seniors, juniors, sophomores and lowly freshmen would decide which graduating year would dominate this year’s Pep Rally before the annual […]

Pep Rally Peps Up Pupils Before Belmont’s Gridiron Tussle with H2O-Town

How can you have a Thanksgiving Day football game without a Pep Rally? And while not on the level of the near¬†gladiatorial rallies seen in West Texas or other football hotbeds, Belmont High’s allowed for a great deal of school and class spirit to shine on a rainy, dreary day before the annual Belmont/Watertown game […]