Letter to the Editor: Despite State’s Move on Capital Costs, ‘No’ Remains Best Course

Photo: Michael Libenson To the editor: Last Monday [Sept. 12] I served as a panelist for the League of Women Voters information session on the Minuteman referendum. I explained why there is a clear and compelling financial case for a “no” vote on the Minuteman referendum. A broad group of Belmont town leaders agree. The […]

Letter to the Editor: State Action Results in My Vote Changing From No to Yes

Photo: The site To the editor: A new Minuteman High School is essential for Belmont. We should vote YES in the Sept. 20 election. I changed my mind on this vote because Belmont won a major victory this week. DESE, the state agency that oversees all public schools, finally did the right thing this past […]

Letter to the Editor: Putting the Minuteman Vote in Context

Photo: Norman Rockwell “The Watchmaker” To the editor: My father was a watchmaker; my son graduated from culinary school; my father-in-law was a tool and die maker. I respect the education and training provided by vocational-technical schools. I also understand the hopes of those who want to make the Minuteman School District work. After almost […]

Letter to the Editor: Forcing DESE’s Hand By Voting No on Minuteman Plan

Photo: To the editor: A new Minuteman High School is essential for Belmont. That’s why I am voting no in the Sept. 20 election. A majority NO vote in town is a requirement for Belmont to have the option to withdraw from the Minuteman District. We need this option. As a member of Town Meeting […]

Letter to the Editor: Let’s Stand by Our Word – Vote “Yes” on Minuteman

Photo: The new Minuteman Tech High School To the editor: In the spring Belmont town meeting voted overwhelmingly to adopt the new Minuteman Regional Agreement and remain in the district. Now that it comes to paying our fair share for a new school building, the same people want to “chicken out” and reverse course to […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘No’ to Preserve the Override Funds

Photo: Supporter of the schools override. To the editor: How do we want to spend the 2015 override funds? Next Tuesday, Belmont voters will decide whether to spend $335,000 to $500,000 per year (or more) to fund the $144 million new Minuteman debt. I am a school advocate. I strongly support vocational education. But this […]

Forum Presents the Yes and No of Minuteman Financing Vote

Photo: Martin Plass (left) after the forum on the Minuteman finance vote.  Martin Plass was raised in Aachen, Germany, a country where technical schools – the Berufsschule – are held in the same esteem as the other secondary education placements in the country. “[In Germany], vocational training is seen as a great career path where you are taken […]

Letter to the Editor: Support Minuteman on Sept. 20

Photo: Image of the interior of a proposed Minuteman school building. To the editor: I’m asking Belmont residents to join me in voting “yes” to support the financing of a new Minuteman school building on Sept. 20. Some of our local leaders have raised issues about Minuteman. Some say that we can avoid financing the […]

League of Women Voters/Warrant Committee Holding Minuteman Forum Monday Night

Photo: Michael Libenson The public is invited to attend a Forum on the Minuteman Regional Career and Technical High School Election Warrant, this evening, Monday, Sept. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Beech Street Center, 266 Beech St. The forum will be moderated by Michael Widmer, Belmont Town Moderator The panelists will be: ‘Yes’  John […]