Letter To The Editor: An Appeal For Donated Socks For The Homeless

To the editor:
We are all acutely aware of the effects of this cold time of year – and the homeless amongst us even more so. BOSTON HEALTHCARE FOR THE HOMELESS is an amazing agency, caring for those less fortunate in so many ways. Now, they have teamed up with the BOSTON RED SOX to address one of those needs: clean, warm socks. The lack of the ability to keep feet warm and protected leads to many cases of frostbite and amputation  – sad realities that are so easily preventable through distributing clean socks to those in need.
As a podiatrist, I know the importance of proper foot care – and so my office and I are looking to work with you all to help. During this winter season, I have put out a box in my waiting room to collect new white socks (any size, as long as they are new and white.) For every two pairs of socks you all donate, I will add an additional pair. Boston Healthcare for the Homeless will be contacted as they come in, and they will be then distributed to the people that they serve so well.
Bring your socks donations to my office at 1 Oak Ave. between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, come into my waiting room and place the socks in the donation box. You will get a fine greeting and “thank you” from my staff and myself, as you have helped someone in need to stay warm and keep their feet healthy.
Dr. David Alper
Oak Avenue