A Coyote Eyed A Pomeranian ‘Snack’ Until Cooper Turned The Corner

Photo: Reed Bundy and Cooper. Let’s call it the Bow Road Incident. Reed Bundy and his four-year-old black Labrador Retriever Cooper were on their usual route around the Burbank neighborhood at 6:45 a.m. about 15 minutes before sunrise on Friday, Oct. 27. Bundy, who lives with his wife and kids on School Street, and Cooper […]

Living With Coyotes In Belmont, Thursday At 6:30PM At Belmont Media

Photo: A coyote. When asked what to do when residents see a coyote taking a stroll through neighborhood streets or backyards, Belmont’s long-serving Animal Control Officer John Maguranis told the Belmontonian that people should follow a simple three-word phrase when they encounter the animal.  “Don’t freak out,” said Maguranis, who is one of the leading […]

Letter: Will Uplands Development Lead To More Scenes Like This?

Photo: A photo by Stephanie Liu of a suspected coyote roaming in her backyard.  To the Editor: [This letter was a comment on the town issuing a building permit for the 299-unit apartment complex in Belmont Uplands] A couple of days ago, I saw this very emaciated coyote walking in my backyard and then turned to […]