Belmont Town Meeting: Putting Minuteman on Hold; Singles Over Doubles

Welcome to the second and likely final night of the 2014 annual Belmont Town Meeting at the Chenery Middle School’s auditorium on Wednesday, June 4. The articles will be read (discussed) in the following order: articles 24, 25, 26, 27, 14 and 3. On Monday, the fiscal 2015 budgets were approved and tonight there are just a […]

The ‘O’ Word Center Stage During Budget Debate at Town Meeting

It was a pretty expensive springboard – the debate of Belmont’s fiscal 2015 budget – Belmont Town Meeting members used to bring attention to the “O” word during Monday night’s reconvened Town Meeting held at the Chenery Middle School on June 2. “O”  as in override which advocates for greater spending for the schools and general government are prepared to […]

Belmont Town Meeting, Budget Articles

Welcome to the future as the 2014 annual Belmont Town Meeting reconvenes in the relative comfort of the Chenery Middle School’s auditorium tonight, Monday, June 2. Tonight brings not just the premier of the fiscal 2015 budgets but also e-voting to the 155-year-old legislative body. Just after Moderator Mike Widmer brings the assembly to order, […]

Belmont Town Meeting Reconvenes With Budgets on the Agenda

Belmont’s annual Town Meeting, 2.0, will commence tonight as the town’s yearly legislative gathering will reconvene after a three week hiatus to take on the $95 million town and school budget. The meeting, known as Section B, will take place at the Chenery Middle School, 95 Washington St., at 7 p.m., Monday, June 2, having […]

Resident Seeks Snow Removal Bylaw Repeal, Focus on Fairness

Eric Anderson knows what happens when it snows in Belmont. Born and raised in town, Anderson said he spent many a winter day with his father shoveling his fair portion of the frozen precipitation off the sidewalks adjacent to his family’s home. “I’ve been shoveling snow for 37 years … and I’ll continue to do so for the rest of my […]