Belmont House of the Week: 10 Woods Rd.

I have traveled by this Arnold Swartzernegger of homes on Woods Road a few times and wondered, “What is it?” A two family? Connected town houses? Or could it be a one family? Recently placed on the market, 10 Woods Rd. is, in fact, a single residency house. And what a building. It reminds me of what […]

Belmont Home of the Week: 115 Winn St.

Here is a “win-Winn” for a buyer looking for charming rather then bigness in Belmont. (Realtors: feel free to use “win-Winn” when you are advertising a listing on the street.) The six-room Cape-style at 115 Winn St. is your typical WWII construction, a mere 1,267 sq.-ft. (most condos in town have about the same space) so […]

Belmont House of the Week: 37 Franklin St.

A friend of mine once complained that newly-constructed homes have expanded in size to where “you need a pair of roller skates to get from the bedroom to the bath.” “What has happened to a cozy house?” she pondered. For those of a similar mind, then seek out residential structures built during and immediately after […]