Opinion: Injecting Small ‘d’ Democracy, Decency to Town Meeting Debate

Photo: Rendering from the Belmont Center Reconstruction plan. Just past 7 p.m. on Monday, July 27, I had the pleasure of sitting next to my neighbor, Gi Yoon-Huang, and her five-year-old daughter at Town Hall. We were there to hear the Belmont Board of Selectmen debate and vote on a proposal that Town Meeting is considering regarding plans […]

Opinion: An Unfair Re-Do, Part Two

Photo:  This is the second half of an opinion article by Kevin Cunningham. The first half was published on Tuesday, Aug. 4. “The traffic problem is solved” It’s worth pointing out one other line of revisionist argument that is creeping into the discussion, this time on what to many is the most critical issue; the problem […]

Belmont Selectmen OK Special Town Meeting Date

Photo: Belmont Center reconstruction underway. It’s official: the Belmont Board of Selectmen approved a Special Town Meeting for Thursday, Aug. 6, location to be determined (although strong hints have been dropped that it will likely be held in the air conditioned comfort of the Chenery Middle School.) The votes, held at an early morning meeting at Town […]

Special Town Meeting Set for Thursday, August 6

Photo: Belmont Center under construction.  The Special Town Meeting called by residents seeking to reverse last-minute changes to the $2.8 million Belmont Center Reconstruction Project will take place on Thursday, Aug. 6, according to a notice released on Monday, July 13. On Thursday, July 16 at 8 a.m., the Belmont Board of Selectmen will meet at Town Hall to vote to […]

Town Clerk Declares Summer Special Town Meeting ‘Will Be Held’

Photo: Ellen Cushman, Belmont Town Clerk.  Belmont will have a summer Special Town Meeting before the third week in August after Town Clerk Ellen Cushman certified a citizen’s petition submitted by residents who seek to reverse a last-minute change to the $2.8 million Belmont Center Reconstruction Project. “The train is on the tracks,” said Cushman, […]

Special Town Meeting Petition on Belmont Center Delivered to Town Clerk

Photo: Town Clerk Ellen Cushman counting signatures. It appears Town Meeting members will have to forego one summer night on the shore or lounging in the back yard after a group seeking to reverse a last-second change to the Belmont Center Reconstruction Project has delivered what they believe is the necessary number of signatures to Belmont’s Town Clerk  this afternoon, Tuesday, July […]

Town Green Supporters Ponder Special TM After Raucous Selectmen Standoff

Photo: Belmont Center Reconstruction project.  [Correction: The latest date for a Town Meeting to take place if 200 signatures were submitted to the Town Clerk’s office on Friday, June 26, would be Aug. 10.] It’s been some time since the Belmont Police has been called to a public meeting. But a man in blue stood outside Town Hall’s Board of […]

Due to Scheduling Kerfuffle, Belmont Center Petition Delivered Through the E-Mail

Photo: Parking in front of the Belmont Savings Bank is at issue in the petition delivered to the Board of Selectmen Monday. Paul Roberts is not just frustrated with what he perceives as the Board of Selectmen overreaching its authority in altering the design plans for the $2.8 million Belmont Center Reconstruction Project even as construction had […]

Angered, Resident Petitions To Restore Belmont Center’s Town Green

Photo: The face page of the online petition concerning Belmont Center Reconstruction project. After expressing their anger in on-line comments and message boards to a Belmont Board of Selectmen decision to approve a last-second petition driven design change to the Belmont Center Reconstruction Project, one resident has started his own petition in an attempt to […]