Going Out On Top: Fred Allard Retires As Belmont High Hockey Head Coach

Photo: Fred Allard addressing his team after winning the Div. 1 North title over St. John’s (Shrewsbury).

Fred Allard, who in his six years at the helm of Belmont High Boys’ Hockey rebuilt the program into a champion-caliber squad that was, in 2020, a win away from the school’s first MIAA state championship, has announced his retirement from coaching in an email sent on Saturday, March 20.

“I am all in when coaching on and off the ice and ultimately after six years could not continue with the time commitment the program deserves and that I expect from myself,” said Allard.

“Coaching Belmont has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding times in my life. I left Belmont for Matignon in high school and while it was for the best, I always had a sense of sadness not playing for my town,” he said.

“Coaching has given me the opportunity to feel that sense of town pride and for that I am eternally grateful. Program is in great shape for the future and I look forward to being a fan in the stands.”

Allard took over the head coaching position from the legendary Dante Muzziolli after the 2014-15 season having spent two years as an assistant coach. Allard was a youth hockey coach in town before heading to the high school.

Allard’s final two seasons were his pinnacle coaching on the bench. After finishing last in the Middlesex League in the 2018-19 season, Belmont forged a 10-5-5 season then proceeded to win four 1-goal games in the playoffs culminating in a 3-2 thriller against St. John’s (Shrewsbury) to take the program’s first Division 1 North title to set up a state championship final vs. Walpole. But the game was cancelled as the state entered quarantine due to the rapidly spreading world wide coronavirus.

In the shortened 2020-21 season, Belmont finished 7-3-1 and after winning games in overtime (over Wakefield) and in a shootout (against Arlington) was preparing to take on Winchester for the first-ever Middlesex League Tournament title when the game was cancelled due to COVID protocols.

In both cases, Belmont was named a co-champion.

Belmont born and bred, Allard attended Matignon (class of 1985) where he played on a pair of state championship teams (1983-84) under coach Marty Pierce. He matriculated at the University of Lowell, where he played four seasons under Billy Riley.

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  1. says

    All my best to you coach!! I loved HS sports was a cheerleader at NHS where we had the best soccer teams!!! We went into tournament w St John’s and killed it! 1974 75! Yes to public schools!
    Kudos to you coach Allard.

  2. Paul Lyons says

    We will miss you coach. Great coaching over the past several years! The players, parents and fans really had a lot of respect for you!!!!!

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