VIDEO: Belmont Resident Discuss Airplane Noise in Belmont, Region on NECN

Photo: Belmont’s Adriana Poole and Michael McLaughlin of Medford tell how a protest movement was born after a change in takeoff patterns at Logan Airport.

“Too many, too low, too loud,” Belmont resident Adriana Poole told host Sue O’Connell during an interview on New England Cable News’ “Broadside,” the network’s daily news analysis show, on Tuesday, Dec. 1, as she discussed how noise from planes taking off from Logan Airport has increased markedly over Belmont in the past three years due to changes imposed by the FAA.

A member of the activist group Boston West Fair Skies, Poole and fellow member Michael McLaughlin of Medford discussed the campaign to reduce the noise pollution that is creating a number of health issues for residents in communities impacted by the changes.

On Thursday, Dec. 3, US Rep Stephen Lynch (D-Boston) will host a public forum with the FAA and US Rep Katherine Clark at Milton High School to address growing complaints about the frequency and increased levels of airplane noise in local towns and neighborhoods that are impacted by Logan Airport air traffic.

See the video of the interview:


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  1. Jonathan Birge says

    Health problems? Really? I’m sure these same people talk about the importance of the environment when it’s other people that need to sacrifice, but the second helping the environment leads to a little bit of white noise over their house, the environment be damned. The FAA made these changes because it results in less fuel being burned due to more direct routes. I live right under one of the departure routes, and it’s not a big deal. A bit of noise. Not as loud as some cars driving by. Or some people.

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