Under Construction: Cushing Village, Trapelo Corridor a Work Zone

It’s a child’s dream and a driver’s nightmare: construction workers using drills, in trucks and excavators digging up the street and property with police officers directing traffic through narrowed roads and onto detours.

It is spring and that means construction season has arrived to Belmont.

And two large operations are getting underway this season. All along Trapelo Road, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Trapelo/Belmont Corridor Reconstruction is committed to repairing or replacing infrastructure before the expected roadwork begins.

Today, Wednesday, April 10, major roadwork is being conducted adjacent to the Belmont Fire Department Headquarters and in the midst of Waverley Square near the commuter rail bridge. Further work will begin early next week when Church Street and the Waverley Square municipal lot are closed until the end of May and gas pipes will undergo work on Monday.

While Waverley Square is difficult to maneuver, Belmont Car Wash has decided to close to do a bit of repairing of its own.

In Cushing Square, workers are taking sounding readings around the Starbucks Cafe and in the municipal lot while a large excavators is digging in the former site of a dry cleaners as initial work gets underway for the proposed Cushing Village development, the three building, 180,000 sq.-ft. housing, retail and parking complex.

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