Town Clerk’s Office Closed Tuesday for Election Audit

Photo: Handcount will be underway Tuesday.

The Belmont Town Clerk’s office will be closed Tuesday, Nov. 15 as the town undergoes an audit of results from the Presidential Election for one of the town’s precincts.

Now before anyone believes that residents of Belmont Hill are committing widespread voter fraud, according to Town Clerk Ellen Cushman, the review is part of the state’s post-election evaluation prescribed by the 2014 Election Reform Laws.

Cushman said the law requires the state to audit three percent of the Commonwealth’s 2,200 precincts.

“The random drawing of the precincts occurred on Thursday morning, Nov. 10 and I was advised Thursday afternoon by the Secretary of the Commonwealth that Belmont Precinct 2 was chosen to participate, along with 65 other precincts statewide,” said Cushman.

Belmont’s audit/hand recount will take place in the Homer Building Gallery on Tuesday, Nov. 15 beginning at 9 a.m.; the last day permitted by law.

The town’s Board of Registrars will be conducting the audit/hand recount of Precinct 2 ballots cast and received on or before Election Day, Nov. 8, including all of the Early Voting Ballots and Absentees as well as Overseas and Military Absentee received by close of polls on Election Day.

Cushman said she “had an enthusiastic response from my election workers to participate in the audit/hand recount.” She hopes to conclude the process by 1 p.m. or 2 p.m.


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