Snarl-Up: Paving on Both Concord and Trapelo Will Tie Down Belmont

Photo: Paving on Concord Avenue.

Commuters and residents: you can run, and you can’t hide.

In a rush to beat the weather and cold, two major road projects will be underway simultaneously, leading to likely gridlock around Belmont as drivers attempt to bypass the two sites. 

On the Trapelo/Belmont Corridor project, the final paving of Trapelo Road from Mill Street to Cushing Square, which commenced last week has been moving at a snail’s pace, due to falling temperatures.

To combat the chilly conditions, work along the main thoroughfare will be performed during the day beginning today, Monday, Oct. 26, resulting in possible traffic congestion and snarl-ups as the final layers of asphalt is laid.

The Trapelo Road work will now occur concurrently with scheduled paving on Concord Avenue (eastbound) which also begins today, Monday, Oct. 26 at 6 a.m. 

The work will take place from the US Postal Service Office to Cottage Street, which itself will be under-construction from Concord Avenue to School Street

While Concord Avenue will be open, commuters and residents are being warned that traffic will be limited to one side of the roadway.

In addition, on-street parking will be banned from Goden to Common streets and along Cottage Street.

Officials are hopeful the work can be completed within the next few days. 

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  1. John does says

    And you couldn’t anticipate cold temperature in October/November? Looks like poor planning or execution to me.

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