Select Board Approves Contract With New Fire Chief DeStefano

Photo: David DeStefano, Belmont Fire’s new chief.

It’s official. Belmont has a new fire chief as the Select Board agreed to a contract with David DeStefano at this Feb. 8 meeting.

DeStefano, a battalion chief with the North Providence (RI) Fire Department, was selected by the board at its Jan. 21 meeting, replacing long-time chief David Frizzell.

DeStefano’s contract will be for three years starting March 15, 2021. His starting salary is $152,000. As part of his employment, he must establish primary residency within 15 miles of Belmont’s border in the next six months.

The town will provide DeStefano with an unmarked fire vehicle.

On July 1, 2021, DeStefano will be eligible for a minimum cost of living adjustment (COLA) of 2 percent or a general COLA pay increase for department heads, whichever is greater. On July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023, he will be eligible for his current base salary plus a COLA minimum of 2 percent or the general COLA pay increase for department heads whichever is greater. There is also a merit increase based on his performance review.

DeStefano will accrue four weeks of vacation and three weeks of sick leave annually along with 12 holidays. He will be offered the normal health, dental and life insurance benefits of all employees of the town.

DeStefano must submit his application for Massachusetts Fire Chief credentials within the first three months of being hired.

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  1. Rich Clifford says

    Another terrible fiscal and management decision by the powers that be. The town hired a consulting company to find a new chief. Probably cost in the 6 figure range. Money the town does not need to spend nor can spend when they already have a qualified and certified chief in the department. They are paying the new chief more than they paid Frizelle. The new chief does not have the experience or the certifications for the job. Please, explain why you would pay someone more money with less experience and qualifications than the last chief. Pay a consulting fee? All while you had a qualified chief working for you and a lifelong Belmontonian. Probably not going to be good for morale. But what does the select board care.
    This also smells of underlying politics. The select board for some reason wants to get rid of civil service. So the can keep hiring unqualified inexperienced people. That’s what happens when have politics in the hiring process. This chief will probably help them. The select board thinks they know what’s best for the fire department. They have no idea what the job entails or how it’s run. Your safety and taxes are at risk all because of a hidden agenda by the people who run this town. Such a disgrace.

  2. Andy B says

    Two Huge Thumbs Down . I just feel terrible for the guys that are on a well respected Fire Department . They have been so disrespected by the town administration that pretends they are qualified to pick their leader . Morons run this town . The town Administrator leads that pack in the moron category. Hopefully someone is looking for new leaders for this town because they are not working out.

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