PHOTOS: Unregistered Voters Get The Word Out For Their Candidates

Photo: Getting out the vote.

Below is evidence that unregistered residents are supporting certain candidates for town-wide office in the upcoming Belmont Town Election on April 5. It should be noted that three are too young to vote and the other is a dog, but still … . Wait until Donald Trump learns about this!

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It should be noted that Kimberly O’Mahony not only has three girls, each has different hair colors – from left to right; Claire, redhead; Sheila, blonde and Maeve, brunette. What are the odds?


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    • says

      Editor: While hair color is not important to the election of a candidate (although Ronald Reagan was mocked for his “natural” jet black hair), I suspect you find it quite interesting as I do that Ms. O’Mahoney has three children each with a different hair color. I have never heard of that! What are the odds of that occurring?

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