Open Homes: The Priciest Open House in Belmont is on … Waverley?

Belmont has some neighborhoods and byways that are readily associated with upscale homes and family manses: Belmont Hill, the McLean property, Somerset, Marsh, Grey Birch and Rutledge.

And this week, joining the avenues of the ritzy-priced homes is … Waverley Street.

Where are the smelling salts?

If you knocked on the doors of property owners along that fine street between, let’s say, Town Field and the square, the homeowners would say they live in a great neighborhood with good folks. But they would admit their humble road would hardly be considered a place where high-income houses are located.

But this weekend, the priciest open house is not in the converted asylum on McLean Hospital (a mere $1,495,000 for a condo) or on the Hill. No, it is the attached townhouses at 54-56 Waverley St. Priced at nearly $1.6 million, the new construction (built in 2009) duel homes are, um, tightly situated (i.e. crammed) onto 9,000 square feet of land with a garage – the salesperson calls it a “barn” that can become an office space – in the back.

So what do you get? Just like some newly-built residences around town, this is a standard two-family that has been fed steroids: each townhouse has three levels along with a portion of the basement that takes up nearly 4,400 square feet total. Each unit has six rooms, three bedrooms and either 2.5 or 3.5 bathrooms. It’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger of multi-family homes. Ja!

The townhouses are also being shopped around separately but how can you break up this pair? It’s being showed today, Saturday, Dec. 13, from noon to 2 p.m.


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