Letter to the Editor: Snow Days From a High School Student’s Perspective

Photo: A long way to school.

To the editor:

My name is Lloyd Ellison, and I am a senior at Belmont High School. For the third or fourth time this year, Belmont public schools will stay open even with the threats of six inches of snow.

I have a couple of issues with this; the first is obviously that I don’t get a snow day in which I get to sleep in and not take tests, but there is a much larger problem with the safety of getting and leaving school. Every time it has snowed this year, the large parking lot is not plowed before school. The lines are nearly invisible leading to confusion in where to park and disruptions in the flow of traffic in the parking lot. It is also not plowed during school, which makes it tough to get out.

I also find the main road is also not plowed particularly well, and this makes it very tough to get out of the school and onto Concord Avenue in addition to dropping off and picking up students in front of the school. I also get out early most days, so I find these troubles even before the bulk of students leave.

I’m not sure who is responsibility for clearing, but in my opinion, the removal needs to be better. I know it is tough to get this work done, especially early in the morning before staff and students come in. But this is why we have snow days because if it is too dangerous to get or to leave school then we don’t have it. Just because the roads are clear doesn’t do anything if the last roads and parking lots are not. I’m not saying that tomorrow needs to be a snow day, I’m just saying I want to feel safe going and leaving school.

Lloyd Ellison

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  1. Azra Nelson says

    Thank you. It would be common sense to assume that open schools mean town crews make sure parking and streets are cleared BEFORE the school starts. Idea that plow crews are just starting out in the afternoon when everyone needs to be on the road at pick-up time is super aggravating, and adds to chaos. Safety first anyone?!

    Somehow we have come to accept that it is OK for Belmont schools and DPW to be always uncoordinated, and everyone seems to operate in their own little bubble (without any consequences for job poorly done). It is a shame that kids, teachers and parents are regularly forced to drive and walk in unsafe conditions. And I am saying all of this as someone who thinks that in 2016 snow days should be obsolete with technology at our fingertips. And smarter snow clearing practices employed elsewhere.

    Thank you again for sharing an important issue. If you can, your friends and you should vote tomorrow. There is good chance we can change things for the better in the future.

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