Letter to the Editor: Lobby to Preserve Tennis Courts in Belmont

To the editor:

Our town once had three tennis courts at Town Field, ten at Belmont High School and four at Chenery Middle School.

We have lost two at the Middle School when they rebuilt it for parking. Six-to-eight courts at the High School leaving two to dilapidate.

There are two tennis teams at the High School which need to practice from March to the end of May and play their matches.

The town also removed four where the [Skip Viglirolo] ice rink is. There used to be four covered and lighted courts at that location before they made it into a hockey rink.

Tennis is a life-living sport. Grove Street Playground people fought to restore their courts.

We have lost 11 tennis courts to date. Please do not add to that number.

The public courts are used by the  school tennis teams, children taking lessons after school and other people. No reservations are made; people just go down and play so you do not have a count of who is playing.

Why is the cost so high? The courts must be totally restructured to allow proper drainage etc.

Last time it cost about $20,000 to $25,000 to rebuild them. I worked with Dick Bette when that happened. They have been patched many times and just painted two years ago.

Please consider what we have and do not eliminate another lifetime sport for all ages to play.

Anyone who enjoys the sport of tennis, please read the article and lobby for their preservation.
Maryann Scali

Prospect Street 

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