Letter To The Editor: A Better Diehl For Massachusetts

Photo: Geoff Diehl on the campaign trail.
To the editor:
Our community is a special place. We deserve a senator who cares. I have been disappointed over the past 6 years with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Putting politics aside, she really hasn’t done her job. She has written books and gone on all the shows, but she has not put in the time for Massachusetts.
The office of senator should be to represent us. Warren has ignored us.
That’s why I am voting for Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate. He led the successful fight to repeal automatic gas tax increases. He has saved drivers a ton of money. Warren has done nothing for us.
Geoff is committed to serving the full six-year term. He wants to be our Senator. I am going with the better Diehl.
Matt Sullivan   
Hammond Road
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  1. Doug Koplow says

    Gas taxes pay for roads. If you don’t increase them to adjust for inflation and higher spending on roads, all that happens is more of the cost to build and maintain roads is shifted from drivers to general taxpayers regardless of whether or not they drive. This is a problem both with the federal gas tax and in MA. Blocking increases in gas taxes is popular policy, but it is also bad policy.

    In fact, MA should be expanding the gas tax to include a local option, as many other states around the country do. Local options allow cities and towns to add a preset amount to gasoline taxes that flows to local government. This is already done with the MA meals tax. Adding a local option to gas taxes would help ensure that more of the local road costs are paid by those driving on the roads, and would help diversify the current over-reliance of municipalities on property taxes.

    • Jonathan says

      A gas tax is regressive, and impacts working poor FAR more than upper middle class folks. (Poor people buy the same gas, and tend to have older cars with poor gas mileage.)

      I admit I don’t know much about Diehl, so I don’t know if the rest of his policies are good, but if he’s against increasing a regressive tax, you’d think people around here would at least support THAT.

  2. CurtisE says

    You should understand the full hypocritical homophobic Trump supporting back-end deal about Diehl before buying into his fake inhumane deal. Unless of course you’re, God forbid, Trump fan.

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