HS Building Committee, Media Center Release Video Promoting Need For New School [VIDEO]

Photo: The beginning of the mini-documentary on Belmont High School today. 

The Belmont High School Building Committee and the Belmont Media Center has joined forces to give residents and voters a real world view for why Belmont needs a new high school. 

The ten minute mini-documentary created with the Media Center, which provided financing and production space, gives “first-hand accounts from teachers and administrators about the impact of deteriorating building conditions, overcrowding, and facility-related limitations on students and teachers,” said a press release announcing the video’s release on Monday, Sept. 17.

The video, produced by Lucas Targos and Hannah Fischer and narrated by Greg Stone, travels through the building to highlight that the high school, built in 1970, is inadequate to meet the current and especially the future physical and educational needs of an exploding student population. 

The Building Committee will be showing the video at various town meetings and events throughout the fall, according to the press release. 

The video is released seven weeks before the Nov. 6 debt exclusion vote which will determine if the new school project moves forward. 


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  1. Alex Corbett says

    Great video!
    It’s time to do it! Do I want to pay more taxes, of course not… but this building must be built and I want to see it be the best it can be, just like BHS was in 1970!
    Please vote yes! Take the state funding and let Floyd Carmen manage the debt as he has done so well in the past!

    Alex Corbett, BHS Class of 1979

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