Halloween Is Coming … And Belmont Wants You To Be Safe Trick Or Treating

Photo: Don’t be too scared about Halloween this year

On a night filled with spooks and horrors roaming the streets, who could have thought the most terrifying act of Halloween 2020 would be sticking your hand into a bag of candy?

With a truly scary coronavirus pandemic continuing to stalk the global community, Belmontians are asking if tricks or treats should even be held this year. It turns out if they follow a few bits of sage advice, the undead, witches and ghouls can still have fun on Halloween.

Wesley Chin, director of Belmont’s Health Department, told the Belmont Select Board Monday, Oct. 5 as it’s getting closer to Oct. 31, there has been “more and more requests for guidance with respect to how to safely participate in Halloween.”

Chin first noted that Halloween is not an “official” town sanctioned event so his department is reluctant to ask the Select Board to either cancel or approve of Halloween taking place.

Rather, the Health Department is making some common sense recommendations for residents of all ages to follow which will minimize the safety risk. The step to take to ensure a safer holiday:

  • Continue to social distance and avoid traveling in large groups or parties (A casualty of prohibiting large gatherings is the cancellation of the annual Halloween Party at Town Hall.)
  • Wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth.
  • Practice good hygiene such as using hand sanitizer often.
  • Rather than give out candy, put them in small bags on a table for tricks and treaters.
  • Residents can also decide not to participate this year. Just keep your porch and indoor lights off during prime tricks or treats time, advice Chin received from Belmont Police Chief James MacIsaac.

Chin has released a chart showing those and other ways to have a fun time being spooked.

“I guess that every resident will have to decide for themselves how to approach this with any guidance you can offer,” said Select Board Chair Roy Epstein. “It’s tricky.”

And treaty.

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  1. says

    Governor Baker already said Halloween won’t be canceled. Trick or treaters are in small groups ,all are normally wearing masks, and there is really no reason to not have it. If people are concerned about potential transmission, use a sanitizer on the wrapper prior to letting kids open it.

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