Final Say: Tommasina Anne Olson, Belmont Housing Authority


I’m Tommasina Anne Olson I ask to be re-elected as a member to the Belmont Housing Authority on Tuesday, April 2.

I have been tireless in my efforts to serve Belmont and selflessly put Belmont and the BHA first in all decisions.

I have been involved in the Belmont Community for a number of years and have served Belmont beginning as a Town Meeting Member in 1991.  Since then I have been a committed advocate for seniors through the Belmont Council on Aging since 2009 and the Belmont Housing Trust since 2014. Serving on both provide valuable information necessary to address the Housing needs of our Belmont residents.

Given my commitment to education, I also serve on the Belmont School Superintendent’s Advisory Council/Belmont Community Education. This year I initiated the installation of four Little Library on the properties with the hope of encouraging greater reading and education.

Finally, I am also the founder and producer of the Payson Park Music Festival which for the past 29 seasons produces 15 community musical events,  evidencing my strong commitment to the community.

I have earned the trust of residents who have brought me their concerns and I have had them addressed.  One such is the completion of the much- delayed Community Center handicap ramp at Sherman Gardens.   I also explored a request for an elevator at Waverley Oak with several Town agencies.

The Board has taken special note of concerns sanitary conditions at the BHA. In concert with our new executive director, we move swiftly once these issues are brought to our attention through work orders.   Our timeliness of completion of these work orders has improved greatly. We also occasionally find it necessary to work with other Town agencies: Belmont Health Department, Council on Aging, Belmont Fire and Police Departments.

With a new Director on board for the past year and a half, the BHA Board is making changes to rectify issues not addressed over the past 30 years. We are improving our facilities, our financial reporting systems, and our personnel policies.

There is much left to be accomplished. Using a grant from the Housing Trust CPA funds the Board has initiated exploration of additional and upgraded facilities on the Sherman Gardens site. Serving on the Housing Trust provides me with access to the Planning Board as we move forward to begin this work. This work requires my proven ability to collaborate with other Town agencies.

Additionally, to complete this work requires strong analytical and business skills, and cost-benefit analysis, which I possess.

I take pride in being an advocate for all the residents of the Town, especially seniors and handicapped residents.  I have always had, and always will have an open door policy to listen to resident concerns. 

Given my experience as a financial professional, I possess the skills necessary to move the Belmont Housing Authority forward. But as importantly, my demonstrated commitment to the community and my strong connection to the Belmont community makes me a solid, vital advocate for fostering a sense of community within the BHA properties as well as encouraging a sense of community with the Town Belmont.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, April 2.

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